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Tax fraud scam fraud

Reported By: Ehsan

Ramin Mirzadegan and Vida Sharifipour:
The time for good news has come
Hi, I am Ehsan Mehdizadeh regarding my complaint against Ramin Mirzadegan’s company in Toronto, Canada. Of course, the company that is not there is the main center of crime and betrayal.

At the beginning, I called Mirzadegan several times during the call and e-mail, asking him to return the $ 10,000 amount that I deposited to his account by Bahmani Exchange as a loan as soon as possible, and to end these problems, but Mirzadegan did not return my money, he sent me insulting and threatening messages
Because Mirzadegan could not provide legal and official documents to buy the symposium restaurant in Coburg, I realized at the very beginning of the contract that Mirzadegan’s words were changing day by day, and I stopped this contract so that more of me would be scammed. Does not.
In a letter, Mirzadegan asked me to pay the next installment, which was $ 7,000, so that he could look for another business for me to buy again.
It was here that I realized these people:
Ramin Mirzadegan and his wife Vida Sharifipour in Toronto in the Richmond Hill area. Their job is to cheat, extort and cheat. They send me threatening and insulting messages and emails to so-called scare me that I will not pursue this further, and they shrugged my shoulders and demanded work, and told me several times that you have reached out to me. We do not reach and there is nothing you can do
My question to Mirzadegan is:
Do you know me?
Are you sure I can do nothing?
So be careful and listen:
Defendants Ramin Mirzadegan, Vida Sharifipour and Phil Brian Mooney for proven crimes:
The crime of fraud, the crime of treason, the crime of forgery, the crime of defamation, the crime of insult, the crime of intimidation, the crime of extortion

1- My complaint against the above individuals to the file numbers R724923 and R721563 in the Canadian Fraud Information and Competition Center

2- My complaint against Ramin Mirzadegan and Phil Brian Mooney in the Council or College of Immigration Counselors of Canada, file number CD-2021-449 and CD-2021-450

3- My complaint against the above people to the CFM file numbers: 2022-135279 and CFM: 2022-26889 International Online Fraud Center

4- My complaint against the above people to the CFPB case number: 211212-7766613 Canadian Consumer Protection Court

5. My complaint against the above individuals in the Federal Trade Commissions Center with the file number
142534995: FTC

6- My complaint against Ramin Mirzadegan to the file number that can be seen on the Google site
BBB: C58C46A9-4C2E-A163-OE63A05A1194
Better Business Bureau

7- My complaint against Ramin Mirzadegan to the CBSA case number

8- My complaint against the above people in the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Office (CIC.GC.CA)
CFM: 2021-117621
CFM: 2021-117842
9- My complaint against Ramin Mirzadegan and Phil Brian Mooney
C / 2021/2222
C2021 / 2224
Ramin Mirzadegan and Vida Sharifipour:
I gave a lot of time and opportunity and said that you are a compatriot, maybe they will realize their mistake and several times I respectfully tried to solve these problems created by Mirzadegan himself, but these people are more honorable and dishonorable than you think and imagine. They created problems for themselves day by day that can no longer be compensated. I still work a lot with these people.

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