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Warning Be really careful of these people who introduce themselves as immigration lawyers. They are not lawyers.

They are just immigration counselors. Follow all the immigration steps yourself Everything is easily available on the Canadian Immigration website and you can even apply directly to the Immigration Office yourself

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1 thought on “Mirzadegan Immigration / Immigration counselors”

  1. Mirzadegan Immigration Office is recognized as one of the best immigration offices in Canada in 2021 and 2022 by the CBRB, and I, Vida Sharifipour, as an employee working in Mirzadegan Immigration Office, find it necessary to provide explanations. From the beginning, I was aware of the retainer between Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh and his wife, Mrs. Yalda Amirian. The two were introduced by a couple brought to Canada by Mirzadegan Immigration, and despite Mr. Mirzadegan’s disagreement and reluctance, and based on the great insistence the clients had Mr. Mirzadegan accepted Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh’s case and signed a retainer. His down payment was C$10,000 and work immediately began on the client’s file. After a few months during his file preparation, he was asked for title-deed documents to complete the case, he presented a title-deed document with a fake appraisal report worth 50 billion Iranian Tomans!!! (=Over Two Million Canadian Dollars!!!) and we found out that he sent us two translations, in the first translation of the document there was name of his son and in the other translation the name of Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh was mentioned. Due to the forgery by Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh and forgery of its translation also translations without consulting the Iranian Registry Office, Mr. Mirzadegan, director of Mirzadegan Immigration, did not accept Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh’s forged documents. According to the provisions of the retainer that “the client must provide all the real evidence and documents and be as honest as possible in the immigration process” and Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh actions contrary to these provisions, Mr. Mirzadegan announced in an email that he will not continue working with Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh. Despite the fact that Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh’s case had been worked on for over 4 months and the company had incurred costs, Mr. Mirzadegan did not request the continuation of his retainer fee payment of installments. Since Mr. Mirzadegan is a Regulated Canadian immigration consultant (RCIC), and according to his obligations that all submitted documents to IRCC must be authentic, Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh’s file was terminated based on forgery. Regarding the purchase of the Symposium Cafe business, Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh clearly sent lies to our office via an email, the relevant emails of which are attached. All the information that we have told Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh about the purchase of the symposium cafe business has been 100% confirmed by the business owner via email on September 28, 2021, although in the next email to our company office on September 30, 2021, Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh, clearly conceals the facts by continuing his lies. Also, he has claimed he has paid over 450 million Iranian Tomans (=over 20,000 Canadian Dollars) for translating his documents! You be the judge!!! These unprofessional and childish behaviors also Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh’s indecisiveness in providing proper instructions were others reason for the cancellation of his case with Mirzadegan Immigration.
    After the cancellation of Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh’s case, he started threatening and spreading lies about Mirzadegan’s hard-working immigration team. The Mirzadegan Immigration informed the Canadian police with report number: 2021-338103 about Ehsan Mehdizadeh’s threats against the lives and financial assets of Mirzadegan Immigration Office, for which ample evidence is available. According to the police report, Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh will be investigated upon arrival in Canada. Also based on our lawsuit to the judiciary in the city of Mashhad in Iran, Mr. Ehsan Mehdizadeh and his wife and Mr. Emad Mehdizadeh(who has falsely claimed to have paid C$15000 to us and has never been our client at all and seems to be his brother or relative), will be prosecuted and have to respond to their threats and libel against us.
    Also, from now on, Mirzadegan Immigration Company will respond decisively and legally with any publication of lies on websites and any other methods.
    Any questions regarding this issue can be answered by contacting the office of Mirzadegan Immigration.

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