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Worst service

Reported By: Roshan Jaiswal

Contact information:
Fala Holidays Bangalore
https:// www.falaholidays.com/
Got a call from them saying that my name was picked in a LUCKY DRAW from Oasis mall back in 2020 and that I won 3 prizes (a silver coin, free trip anywhere in India and a shopping voucher). They asked me to come to NGV Koramangala office (top floor) and to collect 3 gifts.
Visited the place, only to find out that what they were offering but then they tried start manipulating to purchase their MEMBERSHIP. A very tempting
and unbelievable membership, full of free trips and other offers, but the catch is that I have to decide before I leave the place and if I say “yes” to the
offer, I have to start with the hefty EMI.

We wanted to hear fully before deciding. They ask very intrusive questions like credit card limit and balance limit. All their questions is very fishy.
Eventually, we decided this is not authentic and declined the offer.
Soon after their whole attitude changed towards us and they only gave us the silver coin (1gm) and the letter for the trip (this included only the accommodation for a 3 start hotel which only they have tie ups with and we have to pay an admin fee of Rs. 2500/- before booking).

This Fala Holidays is a fraud company. These frauds have told me nice words and asked me to accept their package. I asked them, I need two days time to think, but without listening to me, they have pressurised me and I refused to give my card, but they pressured me and told us we will not take your amount, just we will check if your card will get approved or not, and I refused for more than 1 hour. Then they forced me like hell, they came along with me to my residence (my residence was nearby to their Koramangala office only). After that, they have taken my card and said it is approved. Without any intimation to me, they have deducted my amount (125000 with interest charged from me). Since 3 years, I have been visiting their office lot of time and called them even multiple times just to avail the benefits but they won’t respond in time. This fraudulent Fala Holidays company instead of giving it to me, they are talking back very rudely and asking to call back every time.

I believe this people run their business with a proper political support hence they are not bothered at all about the customer faith & beliefs.

These guys are FULL OF RED FLAGS!

I want to share some of the contacts and proofs here and I will try to spread this as much as I can. And just a suggestion please spread this message or check about the company reviews before you get caught to scammed with these kind of likely travel agencies.

Below are the fraudsters whom I contacted so far:

Shabreen- +91 78294 81023, 97399 40574 (left fala)
Zeeyana- +91 99723 80716 (owner)
Bhabani- 9148936035
Zafar – 98806 48155
Thasleem- 9742573745 (never respond and a biggest lier)
Vishal- +91 98455 52211 (travel agent)

i have invoice proofs as well.

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