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Reported By: kavita_abraham

Amazed at the positive comments and really wished that I could feel and write the same about XIPHIAS.

My experience with them has been so very disappointing.Im now in the process of getting a lawyer help me get my money back.All I did was them 75000 rupees upfront and then starts document collection.Their document collection stage is so ridiculously tiring I gave up Midway and told them I could not go further and needed my money back.Yhey have agreed to refund 50 percent saying it’s non refundable and this an exception that they made for me.

Think I gave them approx 125 pages of documents and was only half way through the document stage.and let me tell you I ran around everywhere to get the documents for the, they just say and sent me emails about what else was pending.But they charged me 37500 for that.Can’t let it go just like so I’m now trying to get a lawyer. Beware of them!

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