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I have been working with M/s Merchem Ltd from 16/04/2012 to 09/07/2013. After leaving the service when I checked the balance in my PF account, I was informed that my employer has not paid the dues from April 2013. When I approached the employer through mails I never received a feed back. Recently I forwarded application for PF withdrawal but till date they have not submitted to PF office and no information about same.
My PF account is : KL/KCH/0013674/356.

Kindly treat this as a complaint and forward it to the concerned authority. This firm is cheating their employees and lot of irregularities happening in this firm.

Second issue is that as per my appointment letter performance bonus decided was approx 75k. When I got confirmed along with a promotion after 6 months this figure revised to 1 Lac. During the settlement after my resignation, i was not paid this amount (despite having spent 14 months in the firm) and told management has not decided the percentage of performance bonus. Is there any way that I can claim this?


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  1. I also agree with the above. This company is a big defaulter in case of all statutory aspects.
    They are not paying salary for the existing employees from March 2014.
    No benefits of past/ seperated employees are given.

  2. Firm has been involved in illegal activities like, customs duty fraud/ sales tax/ income tax fraud/ etc. Its MD Mr. P.E. Thomas has been arrested by customs preventive department on 01st August 2014. Check for news on any epaper in Kochi edition on 02nd August 2014.


  3. I was recruited to this firm (IT subsidiary) on April 2014 with great promises. When I Joined there then only realized that this company didn’t pay a single penny to its employee from January 2014 (and the problem started from Nov 2013). This company destroyed my 6 year old career. I don’t know y the hell they recruited people when it was about to go bankrupt. when I asked the same question to HR u know what they told!!! “It Happened that’s all, now lets work for the company”. HR told all the problems will be sorted out by end of April. But April , May and June passed nothing happened and I worked there with out salary for 3 months. During a Meeting the MD had the Guts to tell us to ask money from our Parents to live and survuve. Finally I understood that this company is gone case so I searched for another job and got it(by god’s grace). I am still waiting to get my 3 months salary. Actually speaking I am not at all confident if they will give that also. If they didn’t give me the salary is there any way I can claim it?

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