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100% scammers

Reported By: Aditya bhati

On 24th of august 2018 i got a call from Ms chandana and charged Rs.2360/- order id JS153387 for registration in wisdom jobs. On 28th august she again called me and said we have good opportunities for you, i am transferring your call to my senior, she will tell you everything. She transferred my call to Ms Ananya and she said that there is opening in wipro and infosys and if you pay Rs 12500/-( refundable) today then you will get your offer letter by 3rd of september. She convinced me. After that ms chandana called me again and sent the payment link then i paid amount of Rs 12500/- order id DZS[protected] and she said i am with you till the time you are not getting an offer letter. After that she didnt replied to my e mails. On 3rd of september i made many calls to the customer care then they finally arranged a call back from miss chandana to me and she said there is some issue from the organisation side, u will get your offer letter by 7th sept, if not then we will close your case and refund your money. After that again she didn’t replied to my e mails and didnt update me anything. On 11th sept again i made several calls to customer care then they arranged a call back and she said pls give me last 4 days i.e till 15 th sept, if not then we will close your case and refund your money. Now she is not replying to my e-mails, whenver i call in customer care they said u will get a call back in 30 mins but they never call
It has been more than 7 months, and all the numbers they provided are out of service, it is requested to kindly refund my money as soon as possible

After that i raised a complaint on this consumer forum and i got a call from wisdom after that and they said they will only refund half amount i.e Rs. 6000/- so i have provided my bank details on the same mail id. They replied that refund will be processed in 30 working days but now it has been more than 30 days and they are still replying that give us some more time. It is requested to do something for my refund.

For contact
Name – Aaditya Bhati
E-mail – aaditya.bhati23@gmail.com

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