Veracity educational services – Canada and Germany visas fraud

Hi I have applied to canada visa through veracity educational services in malakpet. Initially they say they got 100% visa success rate but they won’t get single visa. Me and my friends applied for canada and Germany visas. All we’re rejected and later we came to know that they did this to more than 200 members . They didn’t get single visa so far. They are living luxurious life with our hard earned money. If you ask them to show the visas they won’t show instead they say it is confidential we can’t show the others visas. This consultancy guys are dumb. They don’t know anything. Don’t believe thier fake promises. If you strong enough to fight with them then you can get your money back. But u will never get the valuable time u spent for them uselessly. So pls don’t believe them, if u do so u will lose ur money n time .

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18 thoughts on “Veracity educational services – Canada and Germany visas fraud”

  1. Pls contact us on 9033001023 as we have also lost money for process. Contact us so jointly we can do something for our hard earned money given to this agency

    1. Veracity is completely fake, there MD Moin Khan is absconding, there agent srikant is posing as though he is innocent, all of them are fooling people. Today on 18th Aug, srikant has called for a meeting under a tree at kotapet to pose he is innocent and all the money has been taken by moin khan. Around more than 50+ people were standing outside veracity office to get there money back, but there office is locked and MD join khan is absconding. Even the matter is also report at mallakpet police station

  2. hello iam planning to apply for canada through this consultancy ur comment make me confused i even called to the number below but it is wrong,could u please give some info regarding this iam so confused

  3. Hi all. The veracity educational consultancy and feximco Canada were the fraudster. They took the money from the 200 candidates and ran away. They closed their office as well. The police is also chasing them. They ran off with more than 3 crore rupees. If anybody wants info regarding the veracity or if u are a candidate of this consultancy please don’t hesitate to call me on this number 7799840546.

  4. Veracity Consultancy fraud exposed in india. Company is closed and all of them ran away with money. And a complaint is lodged on the owner Moiz.
    search and arrest is issued by Police.

  5. Veracity Consultancy in Malakpet, Hyderabad fraud exposed in india. Company is closed and all of them ran away with money. And a complaint is lodged on the owner Moiz.
    search and arrest is issued by Police.

  6. i have also visited them, but the promises they made, it looked that they are fake. that is the reason i dint applied for it….
    I stay in saidabad only. If any more things, do call me at 8008721042 My name is Ahmed

  7. I am surprised you guys have totally ignored Rahil @ Mushtaq, the partner of Veracity Educational Services who is fully involved in this fraud with Moiz.
    I faced the same situation a few months back & directly complained against him & he begged me to withdraw his name & returned the entire money.
    Rahil lives above Veracity in the same building at saleemnagar& his mobile # is 9000111786.
    He is the only guy who can return the money as all others have either absconded or penniless. Catch him before he absconds too.
    I have heard he has managed the police & taken a clean chit.

    1. And this is Rahil @ Mushtaq, a partner of Veracity Educational Services & the fraud played upon hundreds of people in the ame of Visas to Germany, USA, UK & Canada.

  8. Yes veracity guys fooled many innocent peoples even iam also a victim , i hve applied for germany n along with me there were more than 50 candidates , all got rejected and after tht thy try to convience for canada but god saved me.

  9. Hi iam raju from jagtiyal karimnagar dist: i too lost my money and time in germeny process , i and my 6 friend applied all are got rejected , they played with many candidates lifes.

  10. yes i met this guy but he failed to convience me for canada but i feel sorry for the guys who got cheated , n i came to know tht he is hiding in Dubai , came to know from his other partners

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