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Reported By: Anirudh Singh

So there is a new scam in the market now. Edwisor: get skill get hired. Their so called guaranteed placement is just new way to attract the people and let them regret on their decision. They claimed as soon as you complete there projects with in the six months of period they will onboard you in your dream job either Data science/machine learning. As of my experience with Edwisor neither i got placed nor i got sufficient interview calls.
Program Structure: As per current industry standards there course curriculum is very weak like they will teach you the basics of Data Science/Machine learning and expect you to do the project as if you are pro in DS/ML which means they will make sure that you cannot clear the project. After failing in first or second project HR will call you and tell you are not eligible for the hiring state(I have cleared both my projects in first attempt only).
Mentor Support: Edwisor representative who will convince you for the enrollment will assure you that you will have 24 hrs Mentor support/assistance but don’t know when i tried to connect with them where are those so called mentors.
Placement Assistance: Now when you have cleared all the projects, HR/ placement team will start their work(which they will do but don’t know when) they will make sure that you will get calls from the companies but once in a six month or may be more then that and for experience person like me placement team will give excuse that your notice period in your current company is the hurdle for us to get you interview calls

So basically to get placed you must be fresher with no notice period, a hardcore developer and the person who is already have experience in Analytics (Because they don’t want any thing else in your resume apart from DS/ML, your pervious experience is of no use) which means you have fake your experience.

For all who is desperately trying to switch your career in DS/ ML, Market is already been saturated with new bees like you and me who did the course from these scammers and put all the fake things on your resume just to get the placed(which is hard because the person who us going to take interview is not going to a new bee he must be pro).
If you really want to pursue your carrier in DS/ML don’t use this shortcut method “Be Data Scientist in 12 Weeks”. Take a break and Get a degree in analytics from a good college because nobody can be Data Scientist over night.

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  1. First thing please do not get enrolled here in edwisor. Its just online way to steal money from job seekers or from those who are looking to switch there careers in Data science. They have made use of digital and social media marketing to attract people so that they can get enrollment, do not go on likes of facebook page or positive comments on google as they all are fake.

    I am one of them who got into there trap of 4 guaranteed or get your money back.
    I completed my course successfully within the given time line. After completion of course they failed to provide me with interviews. When I asked for the refund they manipulated things and made a false report stating I don’t have relevant profile to get shortlisted.
    “My question is haven’t you checked this earlier when you asked for my resume? after screening my resume you only said that I have been shortlisted for Data Science course”

    They don’t have any hiring partners as they claim. They will see in naukri.com or anyother job portals where walk-ins are going and those walk-ins are also not appropriate. There will be no grooming session or mock interviews.

    They have a ignorant behaviour towards the students they just want the person should pay the money. They are so desperate that they will call you so many times and even tell you that they will block seat for you in multiple companies.

    When you need support for a particular problem you will get respond but it will take more than 2 to 3 days it may also take a week to get a reply from them.

    Edwisor stands nowhere in terms of industry standards they have very low standards when you compare it to standards in current industry.

    I really regret that I paid them wasted my time and money.

  2. Hemant Kumar
    I also enrolled to their course in 2019 of data scientist and found that their course content is very basic.
    And the assignment they gives you to complete have questions which are not even taught by them.
    When I asked them how to complete these assignments they told me to take help from Google.
    Please do not get enrolled in their course it is totally wasting of time and money.
    I wasted 25000/-

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