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Reported By: vijaya

Dear All, Before informing you all , Just want you all to know that i have taken the data science course I will be giving honest review about this course, I know there are several positive review posted on social platforms But trust me They are all fake. And in QUORA and Google where you are seeing positive review and upvoting their reviews. They all are their employees only who make multiple mail ids and upvote the answer So Dont fall on that trap also. I know their reviews excite you about going into this course. I myself also has fallen into this trap But I dont want you all to fall into this trap and be safe from this useless course. So now lets Start, Q . Should you take this course ?? Answer:- Definitely NOT ,This is a useless course. Instead of paying 19999 rs for this useless course, I would suggest you go for cheap courses available on udemy that will give you more knowledge instead of this. Q . Why this is a useless course ?? Answer:- Their syllabus is way outdated. As data science is a growing day by day, There are several Machine Learning algorithms , libraries etc which are updating day by day. In this developing field they are trying to teach you by 3 YEARS OLD (2017 videos) videos as lectures. Yes you heard it right, Their lecture videos were recorded in 2017 and that also the instructor is himself learning The instructor will just read the presentation and thats all. LECTURES OVER So, Please its a request Dont go for this course. Q . Edwisors support system is best ?? Answer:- Definitely NOT, Once you have a doubt , You mail it to edwisor thats the only option to get your doubt resolved, You will receive an answer for that doubt about 5–6 days later, That also it will be the syllabus itself, You have to find answer from that syllabus. Q. Edwisor says that there will be live projects ?? Answer :- The instructor will take a program/code and will read the code and execute it , Thats the only live project. In that 2017 old videos only , The lectures will be also of that program/code only Q. Edwisor guarantees placement ?? Answer:- In my opinion, HELL NOT Let me explain you this Once you have done payment for this course There will be 3 stages Stage 1:- Complete lecture videos and do assignments Lecture videos 2017 old youtube videos Yes their lecture videos are on youtube itself, Once you complete stage 1 you will be forwarded to next stage Stage 2:- Complete 3 projects Yes they have 3 projects In which you have to clear at least 2 projects then only you are eligible for placement. Their projects are Bike fare prediction Car fare prediction Employees which are absent. Out of this 3 projects you have to clear at least 2 projects with certain marks and then only you are eligible for placement. Once you have written the code, They verify it and then, there will be some of their executive who would try to take oral exams of that code To check Whether you have written that code by yourself or you had copied that code from github In my opinion, And there is the trick of edwisor Their executive will try to to fail you So that you are not eligible for placement I know you are wondering how can the executive fails your code But to be very honest, There are several people who have gone for this course and the same projects have been done by them, The executive will somehow convince you that you have copied this course and then will FAIL you. So Placement Guaranteed, You can Consider NOPE. Stage 3:- If somehow, You reached to stage 3 , They will search for organization where walkins are going on and will tell you to go there , Because they are not guaranteeing placements, They are guaranteeing 4 assured interviews. Thats the trick of edwisor, They will tell you that we will give you 4 assured interviews , That also they will try to give you out of your town If you are staying in Mumbai, They will say we have vacancies at bangalore, You have to go over there ,If not 1 interview will be deducted. Like this way they try to fool you Hope your concerns has been resolved

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