CRB Tech – Fraud company

100 % waste of money

Join Iff you have 150000 to waste

1 thought on “CRB Tech – Fraud company”

  1. Do not join CRB TECH it is Fake if you don’t believe me then visit these Links you will come to know about it.

    They do not have any tie-ups with any MNC’s

    They do not have any classrooms (if do not trust me do visit their office) they do not have any classrooms.

    You will end up wasting 1.5 Lakh Rupees and will not get placement also. Kindly do not waste your parents money.

    Do visit these links “\ or

    Search this senstasnces in google and then u will come to know how CRB TECH fools students

    CRB TEch COmplaints

    CRB TECH is fraud

    CRB TECH is scam

    CRB TECH Consumer forum complaints

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