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Poor experience

Reported By: Swati Agrawal

I’d like to link to express how miserable my interaction with Caribbean Holiday International Pvt. Ltd. was.

Please read my review before sending any money or entering a trap.

We recently received an invitation for an induction, and as a result of their sales pitch, their salespeople also brainwashed us, so we decided to purchase their vacation package with high hopes and dreams for the wonderful trip.

but as soon as we learned that our 8-year-old would be considered an additional adult and that we would have to pay a premium for him when making reservations,

Since it doesn’t meet my needs and I can’t afford to pay additional maintenance fees after each trip, we asked the company to cancel our plan and issue a refund the same day.

I also want to draw your attention to the fact that neither my membership ID nor my kyc have been completed.

However, they are still pressuring us to use their free services, which is absurd because I have no interest in their plan.

Believe me when I say that the company is only making a false commitment by allowing all cancellations.

Basically, once you’ve paid, you’re in their trap and you’ll hear the real terms and conditions of the business instead of the sales representative’s suggested ones.

Don’t entertain them at all, is the personal advice I would give to everyone since I am still having trouble getting my refund.

Avoid wasting your time and money with Caribbean Holidays International Pvt. Ltd. as they are a fraud.

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2 thoughts on “Caribbean Holidays International Pvt Ltd / Poor experience”

  1. Caribbean is a fraud company as they say something and do something else. I am a 4 month old member with Id – CHI2221614 with this company, bought package worth Rs. 1.5 lacs for 10 years, but while making the booking they are asking for additional money in someway or the other apart from the AMC charges, which I shouldn’t be paying at all.They don’t try to understand our requirements instead just looking at options for how to get money from their customers like us. They don’t have enough hotels in majority of the places that you ask for. There all departments are one and same. I am going to fight case with them whatever it takes to get my money refunded, as we cannot have association with such fraud company

    1. Hi,
      I am working with the reservation team of Caribbean and they have agreed to improve on the services they provide, hence for now I would want to remove this complaint

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