Mayank Mishra – Fraud male escort 9599908511

Hi guys, this message is for the people who are trying to invest their valuable money in male escort services please be aware recently i had credited Rs 5500/- in his account he said he provide client on same day and i have to 50% commission to him i have agreed for all conditions but after crediting amount on same day he blocked me in WhatApp and not receiving my call.

Anyways i lost my money. At least you guys please be aware of this culprit.

Fraud male escort number : 9599908511

Name: Mayank Mishra
Axis Bank
A/C NO: 914010054837961
Mobile number : 9599908511

he will be sending you the same T&C as mentioned below..

Terms and conditions:

Joining fees is 5500 for 6 months And 8500 for 1 year. ( which is refundable after 3-4 months ).

1. Without joining fees/ security fees no work will provide you .
2. Maintain the privacy during work.
3. We will provide you only A class rich female clients only .
4. For day 2-3 hour meeting client will pay fix 20k and for full night she will pay you 30k fix.
5. What ever you earn in each meeting . You need to pay 50% to me every next day .
6. If I not received my commission then I will not give you any work in future and take your joining fees .
7. Every meeting will be held in client venue only . May be flat, apartment or hotel depends on client choice .

Thanx !!!

Axis: 914010054837961
Name: mayank mishra

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