Yoogan I Technologies Fraud Vinothkumar cheated Rs. 70,000 from me / Fraud Vinothkumar has cheated Rs. 70,000 by sending a fake offer letter.

Yoogan I Technologies Fraud Vinothkumar cheated Rs. 70,000 from me Reviews & Complaints

Partner I Tech Fraud Vinothkumar has cheated Rs. 70,000
Scorp Tech (Porur) Fraud Vinothkumar cheated Rs. 70,000 from me

Fraud Vinothkumar has cheated Rs. 70,000 by sending a fake offer letter.

Reported By: Mohamed Khudus


My name is Mohamed Khudus (9003224332). I have lost my money Rs. 70, 000 because of this Partner I Tech company. Vinothkumar Rajan said that he would place me in the company “3i Infotech” if two months salary of Rs. 70,000 was paid in advance.

Also, he promised me that he would refund Rs. 70,000 if he was not able to place me. Since I have known him personally for a long time, I trusted his words, and I paid Rs. 70,000 as I mentioned below.

First payment of Rs. 35,000 was paid in February 2018.
Second payment of Rs. 35,000 was paid in May 2018.

After that, I was emailed that my Joining Date to join 3i Infotech was June 04, 2018, and my salary per month was Rs. 35,000.

I went for the interview to 3i Infotech on June 04, 2018. After I met the company HR, the HR said that they didn’t send any call letter for the interview, and offer letter. After that, I showed all the proofs such as my offer letter, the Reference fraud guy Prakash Babu ganesan (Fraud #3). Then, the HR said that Prakash was not working in that company, and he was not an employee of that company.

After that, I called Prakash, he talked to me very rudely, and threatened me while answering my call. I was shocked after I talked to him.

After that, I called Vinothkumar (Fraud #1). He was not answering my messages, and calls. I tried to contact him whole day while I was sitting in 3i Infotech office, and I spent the whole day there waiting for his call.

Then, I went to Partner I Tech. He shut down his office and ran away. Finally, I came to know that all these people are frauds, and earning money by cheating.

Because of these frauds, I lost my job and my money. Also, I tried to call him 100 times a day, and I mailed him many times. There was no response from him. He and his partners stole my money and ran away. Till now, he has not given my money back yet.

Kindly, please take action against these fraud companies Yoogan I Technologies, Partner I tech, in1989 & Scorp Tech.

Also, please help me to get my money back. Guys, please don’t trust this type of consultancies and don’t waste your money.

As per Vinothkumar’s instructions, I deposited the first payment to his account, and I deposited the second payment to Vigneshkumar’s account. Also, I have attached proofs for depositing the money.

Fake offer letter mail was prepared by Vinothkumar, and sent to me through Abu Imran.

These four frauds have ruined my career, my money, and my time. Also, they have caused me a lot of mental stress.

R. Vinothkumar (Fraud #1)
K. Vigneshkumar (Fraud #2)
Prakash Babu Ganesan (Fraud #3)
R. Sangar (Fraud #4)

Recently, Vinothkumar vacated his recent fraud company “Scorp Tech” from Porur, and ran away having cheated a lot of graduates.

Please take Immediate Action against these frauds, and black list these fraud companies as soon as possible.

This is Vinothkumar’s address. Please take action against him, send my complaint to his address, and help me to get my money Rs. 70, 000.

Vinothkumar S/O Rajan,
8-6-58, Vannar Odai Street,
Tamil Nadu – 624301

VINOTHKUMAR, CALL ME after you see this complaint. My number is in one of the attachments.

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