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By: Sandeep Gudavalli

I have order a Smart Watch Vapor KW98 Smart Watch.

But I got a watch which has no match between ordered one and received one.

they have sent me a duplicate watch.

I conveyed them regarding the issue, they asked me to send a un-boxing video.

i have send them the recorded video and pictures.

they are just sent me a message like this ” We do not have a policy of allowing refunds or exchange in such cases. We have delivered the product as was shown on website. Hence your request cannot be accepted. For more information, please read our return policy here.”

after this i thought of informing the same via facebook comments, But they deleted my comments and disabled me for doing comments

I don’t understand why facebook is allowing such kind of companies to advertise in facebook. they are looting people bu giving fake products.

Can anyone suggest how to stop this.

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