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my name is Lokesh I live in Delhi and I ordered a product from 100bestbuy.com for two denims on 31st march 2014 and I received a mail saying that I am gonna receive my product on 3rd April which I never received,I called them up on3rd and they said that I will receive it by 7th ,again I didnot received the product I called them on 7th a number of times and they keep hanging up on me they gave me a reason that the product was never available in stock and so it will take another 15 days for me to receive my shipment ,I think I did a biggest mistake in life to do business with 100bestbuy.com ,I was asking a question as to why did they displayed the product when they never had that product in stock … why did they charged my card if they never had that product in stock ,this is fraud infact a financial fraud . now I have to wait for 15 more days ,it was my bithday gift and moreover instead of appologising these guys were scolding me and hanging up on me and when i am asking for a supervisor to talk to they said sir apne koi ehsaan nai kiya agar paise diye hai to ,hume log roj paise dete hai ,jo karna hai aap kar lo par 15 din aur lagenge . I mean this kind of service for a very first time visitor leaves a very bad impression I have all the calls recorded of all the calls that I made yesterday. Please get my money back or ask them to deliver my product quickly please I work in a call center and earns less it was a birthday present to me .I really wanna take them across to the consumer court and wanna sue them for this kind of miscommunication and financial fraud.plz help me.the product details are as follow:- Dear Lokesh,

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29720643 14032490 Suksh Bangalore Warehouse Branded Denim Blue Jeans
29720653 0 Laxmi Fashion Lee Kansas Men Slim Fit Jeans (LEJN3199)

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