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By: Shruthi

I paid 1180rs towards job assistance. Until I made a payment reps kept calling me 100 times a day. Though the amount might seem to be small I was a little hesitant to make payment. In the beggining a
Lot of information was given which I realised was completely false after making the payment.
After so many calls with the reps, senior support reps I finally decided to pay and made the payment. That was the last day that they called me. It has been a month for now and still not a single call from the receuiters. When I send an email with a query the rep answers only one part of the qsn and does not address all my concerns.
Everytime I call and ask them for an update they give me a routine scanned response “we have forwarded your resume to our receuiters. Please wait”
This is ridiculous and bullshit as they dont repest or take ownership of the people once they receive their payment.
The reps I spoke are Lekhya, Sravani and one more senior rep i dont remember her name.. both lekhya and sravani were tooo toooo tooooooo rude in their behavior and words. I will
Continue to post this in all other forums so that any of the higher management might look into this.
In precise, a complete waste of time and money.

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