wisdom job – loot money by giving false job assurance

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By: sankar banerjee

I would to like to bring notice to all job seekers wisdom job is looting money like other facing same issue. This company calls up candidate and assure 100% job guarantee with 3 interviews for reputed company. I paid almost 10000 rs and repeated mail follow up and phone calls but all efforts in vain. Need help how to get back my money and take actions. alert to all job seekers not to go for wisdom job with money in advance.

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2 thoughts on “wisdom job – loot money by giving false job assurance

  • souru

    who cares about these reviews ..we should be care full before paying ..unathical way of earning money begging is better way than cheating people and earning money. Job is the weakness of every individual these kind of portals and consultancy are playing with emotions and need of the people BAND these kind of businesses.. if some one says if you pay you will get interview its abouselly Fake call. With in my experince i have been cheated by this kind of calls for twice. Wisdom jobs is haveing well trained team to collect money from us. they first say its one time payment later says test has to be written later on security deposit what a trap. WISDOM JOBS IS WORST AND FRAUD CONSULTANCY . dont do with them for paid job offers its totally fake calls. after payment atleast they dont lift the calls as well as they will send a report every week we have forwaded resume to 3 4 and 5 companies randomly they dont mentioned atleast the names too. its well organized fraud.