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late refund

Reported By: Trishla Nandan Sarees

Trishla Nandan Sarees pvt LTD at Wage works is stealing their customers money. I used my flexible spending account card in January for a $10 co-payment for my primary care doctor. They suspended ky card and clearly read back to me that their electronic record indicates I used it for a medical group. They said that wasn’t clear enough. I offered to pay it electronically but they said that is not an option and that I must mail in a check. I explain to them I am very sick and need to see my doctor now. They refused and have over $1400 of my money suspended. Yet they continue to take money from my paycheck every two weeks. I will be contacting my lawyer and am hoping to reach other people to possible start a class action lawsuit. I will also be contacting my HR dept to inform th m they are allowing this company to steal from their employees.

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