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Fake commitments about offering a job

Reported By: Shweta Sehgal

I got a call and msg from a person named muskaan claiming that hirings from Accenture and HCL are being conducted in their company and called me for interview. When I reached, my HR round was taken by their HR executive named Akansha and they told us they have some set up with the HRs of these companies and offered to get my technical interview round scheduled if I deposit Rs. 13000 which we did and they scheduled a “telephonic” round of interview which I cleared. And I was offered a job in a renowned company with a package of 7.2 lpa. We got a proper receipt of the payment we had made and we were constantly in touch with this company and they used to send me emails updating me with the status of my job application. I got the joining confirmation mail from their company and when asked why is the name of the company which I was committed to not mentioned, was told that will receive a welcome letter from the company itself within a week. As the week was about to end, Akansha called me and she made it sound very urgent demanding 10000 more for the welcome letter, gave some convincing excuse and promised to refund 13000 as soon as I deposit these 10000 which bdw were also refundable as per her words. Since she was constantly in touch with me as well as my father, we trusted her and deposited that money as well just for the sake of getting that job as promised. After receiving the final payment she stopped replying and as I was told that ill receive the welcome letter on depositing the final amount, did not receive anything. The next day we visited their office in 55 Vijay Block, laxmi nagar, found out that they had somewhat cheated the landlord as well and had already vacated the place 3-4 days back. This is so disturbing and heartbreaking, they have ran away with our hard earned money, a total amount of Rs 23000 and I really want to see them behind the bars. Their every employee has switched their phone off. If anyone here, has had some sort of same experience with the same company or have any way to help us out in getting our money back from these frauds then kindly reach out to us.

6 thoughts on “The tectural company / Fake commitments about offering a job”

  1. Sayari Dasgupta

    Hii shweta Sehgal, same thing has happened to me. Please contact me and this is my contact number 8547564952

    1. Varun Khandelwal

      Same thing happened with me shweta ji….they took ₹37000 from me….plss contact me
      Varun Khandelwal

  2. Prabhdeep Singh

    Same thing happened with me.
    They took away our hard earned money and it was the same bitch.
    Please contact me aswell

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