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By: rishi srivastava

I am getting harassing emails from I don’t know who they are. I know the name of three employees there Raghav Deewan his email is . Another one is Nilesh Sharma and one female employee is Zoya. I have no idea if they really work for Stallion Intellectual . Over the call sometimes they say they are lawyers and sometimes they say they are Managers and one of them even said he is head legal department. I signed a contract with Stallion Intellectual and I was unable to give 90% accuracy which was required as per them. I asked them to provide me the report where I missed but they have failed to provide me any such report and asking me to pay the penalty of Rs. 5,500.00 or else they will go with the legal proceeding and Raghav Deewan even said that they work like this and extract money from the clients by harassing them over the phone and emails. He said first step is phone call then harassment messages then third step legal notice. He also said that he has sent police to many professionals who did not pay his amount. I am ready to pay the penalty if I was unable to give 90% accuracy but they are now asking for Rs. 50,000 as a penalty. I asked them to provide me the Company’s registered GST number and Current account details and registered paytm number but Raghav Deewan said that I should transfer the amount to his paytm number. I told him if I pay the amount to his mobile paytm then how will I have a proof that I have paid to Stallion Intellectual . He had no answer to this question. I want to know how can I file a legal harassment case against these three employees and this company? The review about this company is really poor and all the professionals call them as fraud. They don’t pay the amount to any professionals but extract money from them by harassing them with legal action. I want to escalate this matter to the Indian Government to make sure they don’t cheat the public. If there is a way to file a legal complaint against them in the Gujrat Court then please share the link.

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