SLNTGS Software Solutions – Its a Fake company

Its a fake comapany and its the same STERLING TECHNOLOGIES company they have recently changed the name. i have gone for interview there that stupid vijay who is the HR manager gave me a written test which STERLING TECHNOLOGIES name was there on the top and everyone qualifies the exam later he will counsel us and there are 2 programs where you have to pay 20,000 or 30,000 and other is give any your originals you will get projects and bond for 3 years what nonsense. they people can make anything possible. i have spoken to many of them regarding this company there is one Director by name sunil no 4 directors as introduced by vijay and they all does such bussiness. DO NOT JOIN THIS COMPANY they will not pay you salary and no projects also MONEY WASTE. When you attend the interview please check the address see the complaints on the company and then go for interview please guys dont face same problem as me . ITS A SICK Company

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