Shri enterprise{GSTno.06HWMPS4152QZ},pinno~125001 / Wrong product.

Shri enterprise{GSTno.06HWMPS4152QZ},pinno~125001 Reviews & Complaints

Wrong product.

Reported By: Amar shekhar

5 combo T-shirt..999
But wrong product…
3 wrong t shirt,and 1 paint..
Refund product
Give me my money..
Ref no..#TZM41682

11 thoughts on “Shri enterprise{GSTno.06HWMPS4152QZ},pinno~125001 / Wrong product.”

  1. Hi Team
    Wrongly product deliver to me i have order combo of two printed black and white sweetshirt but i recived wrong product which is third class quality
    My order no is wbl # 991540360
    Value 1198

  2. You blackmailing I have bought combo of 2 plain green and peach shirts and you sends me lower and t shirts
    You blackmailing person

  3. Srikanta Mondal

    I am Srikanta( Mobile No-9378319406) Purchase some item /Products ( AwB “CoD” 8503105233 from your company and this item/Products delivered today morning and we open the box then notice that which item/Products i am booked and delivery item are not same..
    .So, I am requested you please return your item/Products and refund my money /amount immediately.

  4. Avinash a mabiyan

    Bluetooth headset with wireless sports ferburds
    Refund product
    Give me my money return back
    Wrong product delivered.and most poor product

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