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I got call from July 27 2015 from representative Aditi.
She said That company going for promotion and I won suzuki gixxer. And for registration purpose I have to pay 2499. I paid that amount and received some bad products. Then again they called and told I won Celerio Car and I have to pay 20000. And this time I decided they are fraud with me and I have not paid. But I want back 2499

Please help me.

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  1. please help,
    i got a call on March-2016 from officer Sanjay Singhaniya.
    He told me that you reached point and you won lenovo laptop but you have to pay 3000 Rs for Registration. I paid the amount but after some days he again called me and said you have to pay 20000 Rs for Document charges but at that time i realized it was a froud.
    I want my 3000 rs back
    Please Help me.
    Contact Number : 8460159610

  2. one more number i got a call on 15th JAN 2018
    number is 8800583014
    she is asking me for 11900 rs to deposit into his account so that they will send my whole 65000 rs via RTGS into my account
    i said them that i will give you 20000 once i will receive my 65000 into my account
    they cut the call
    what the hell cheaper people are they no shame at all

  3. Hi,
    I’m 2016 July I have also faced same situation i paid 2499 for registration for winning gixer bike after some time they demanded for more money and said that now I’m in top and I have won a car but I refused to pay Money but still I didn’t get back my 2499 rs. Is there any way to get back please tell me.

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