Saurav Dayal – Fraud person, dont trust

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By: aarati jagtap

Hello Job seeker,
Don’t trust this person. He tell that he is having contact with MNC person for providing jobs in IT domain. He will ask you to deposit amount in the bank. His bank details are as below.
Name- Saurav Dayal
Account number- 30999863434
IFSC code- SBIN0005991
His email id –

After depositing amount he don’t reply us and don’t return even money. I have filled legal complaint against him.

7 thoughts on “Saurav Dayal – Fraud person, dont trust”

  1. Hello aarati ,
    I am also a victim of Saurav Dayal Fraud case.
    I also have his photographs.
    You can contact me on niku.999.a@gmail

  2. He does the same thing even with me. Don’t trust this useless guy and deposited single rupees. He will give you fraud identity card like Pan card , adhar card.

  3. Ek.number ka fraud hai..don’t trust him
    .marate time.acchhi moaut nahi aayegi kutte ko..hijada banega thode.din..koi bhik.bhi nahi dega saale ko. Baccho ko job lutata hai.

  4. True. I am.also victim.of this. He puts advertise on.quiker different email ids for every one and bank details
    .gives fake identity cards

    1. hello amrita, you can file legal complaint against him. you can give his bank details to police. You can take legal action against him. He might have messaged you the bank details with ifsc code he is giving bank details of government banks. such a fraud person he is.

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