Satya Infrastructures Limited – Step4carrier services – Got amounts deducted by cheating

Step4carrier services a placement company from Noida ( as they say , but their postal adress is not available on the web site or anywhere else. ) cheated me by deducting amounts of around Rs. 17000.00 from my card in three stages in the name of refunding process. This happenned in the last week of Dec/2013 and first week of Jan/ 2014. Theyeafter I had about 50-60 calls to them for the refund. But no response, no refund till date. I have got records of various such calls. They won’t send you a mail in reply to such complaints. Whenever you call and ask for a specific person they will reply that the person either left job/ or he is not in the office / or he is busy in some metings and any such other excuses. I got the names of various people there but feel that the names are fake and they are not working with actual names. They will never provid you their actual postal address. They looks for every chance to cheat again and again. I got a postal adress somewhere after searching on internet and posted a letter registered A/D which returned stating that the adress was not proper. I feel either the adress is incorrect or peon of the postal department is misguiding. I am in a mode to take the matter to high level. I got around 8-10 phone numbers of such fraud company. If someone comes forward for this campaign & fight and wants my association, please call on 9827034667. In my opinion it is a big scandal and about lacs of our youngs are being cheated in the hope of getting jobs. Let us spread the mesage to various groups to check the cheating.

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  1. this is cheat company ,they are very cheater which are cheat money from simple people. should be f.i.r. against them.

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