Ponlait products distribution – Delay and indiscipline

The employee on duty normally keeps the customers waiting. He either talks on phone or keeps counting and recounting the milk packets every now and then. He is not attending the customers. When questioned he says his important job is to count the packets in stock and NOT SALES.
Concerned supervisory staff should check and correct the attitude of employees . If required keep a complain box at every shop / depot to receive such complains.

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2 thoughts on “Ponlait products distribution – Delay and indiscipline

  • G.Thanigaivel

    I saw worse service done by ponlait staff located opposite to Mahatma Gandhi hospital on 15 the June around 2100Hrs . He was abusing a customer with all filthy words who did not have exact change for the purchase.
    Senior management should take action against these idiots. Must understand marketing is not only about quality of product, but also includes the service rendered by salesman.