nownaukri – Cheating job seekers by luring

I would like to complain on www, website and the company.

I received a call from Delhi based company. This is Man power consultant company. They picked up my profile (biodata) from jobsites and approached me as if they call from Naukri company. But later I found that Naukri and Nownaukri are different companies. Nownaukri has used Naukri name to gain customers attention.

To lure customer, they used to list the companies that are willing to pay exorbitant salaries and then ask the customer to pay 5199 rupees to enhance the profile and then continue to insist to take several packages ranging from 2500 to 25000.

Even if we decline to pay, they pester for payment by saying that they will deploy a dedicated person to help us finding a job and to stand out from the crowd. Every day they call and ask us to pay money for more packages. But they never arrange any interview or modify the profile.

They make each customer averse to take the call from Nownaukri by pestering for more payment everyday just to prevent us approaching them for any interview.

This is new way of swindling money. Please take necessary steps to block this website and save job seekers life.

Details of money I paid through online through credit card is given below. Please take necessary action. I have also shared the phone number through which I get calls.

1) Global Enhanser – Rs.7199
2) Social Media profile – Rs. 5199
3) Dream Job Finder – Rs. 5299
4) Live Interview Preparation – Rs. 4999
5) Profile Maximiser – Rs.6799
6) International Highlighter – Rs. 5999
7) Profile completion – Rs.14999
8) Profile completion – Rs. 16798
9) International Mega – Rs. 5399

Total – Rs. 72690

Phone numbers from which I used to get calls are:

1) 9999138467
2) 9999240775
3) 9999176708
4) 9999217962
5) 9811165836
6) 9811132986
7) 9811128104
8) 9999087983
9) 9999042497

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