Now Naukri . com – Now Naukri is an fraud company

Now Naukri is an fraud company. Don’t get trapped by them. Contact no. not working

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25 thoughts on “Now Naukri . com – Now Naukri is an fraud company”

  1. Naukri FastForward

    Dear Sir,

    Request you to share your contact number; so that we can address the same accordingly.

    Thanks & Regards
    Naukri FastForward

    1. Is and same company? I had opted for one of nownaukri services on 16th Nov, and on 17th Nov (within 24 hours I had asked them for a refund, without using their service) Their website says, I am entitled for a refund if there is cancellation within 24 hours. But somehow I feel like I am being cheated coz its been more than a week, havnt got any refund confirmation from their end

    2. they say that they have gulf opportunities
      someone named Shiv- he is the RM, hardly can talk in good english and suggests international jobs. I wonder.
      number- 9670963260

  2. I am more suffered nownaukri service like mentally, financially and timely in past 50 days

    Please arrange my refund money (Rs.9198) from you through moneygram. favour of Suresh.D. (ie.. invoice order no 1 : NN001 4833, Product : International Highlighter | Senior Level (10 Yrs), Amount : Rs 5199, Date – time : 30-05-2015 14:17:13. invoice order no 2: NN001 4834, Product : Live Interview Preparation, Amount : Rs 3999, Date – time : 30-05-2015 15:09:40). Please refer my all earlier corresponding mail.

    Please noted, my first time asking refund money detail mail on Jun-26′ 2015. please refer my earlier mail.

    still, regular day i received nownaukri’s various branches call for new job registration and money begger . nownaukri’s body have in blood /sewage or bloody bastard etc…service

    So Kindly don’t disturb for your service except my refund money. if you need i send your branches call detail. (ref. Mrs Sakhin, delhi br. call no 917210141595 time 11.37 Am, 15-07-2015). i know your service is regular days are begging.

    your service mails (, are not working, this is for your information


  3. Now Noukri is cheating company which tells you monthly salery 1 lak 2 lak then they says to pay just 3999 and the will trnsfer your call to next person his name will akash Mukhargi… again he will say to complete again 3099 so totallyy they will cheat the peaple

  4. Joe Fernandes-BANGALORE

    I regret to inform all the public that I was been cheated by this fraud company Now On 4th September 2015, fateful day one guy by name Sachin Sahrma called me on my mobile phone and said he is from Now Naukri company who will provide me a job for a senior position as I am working as a General Manager in a private firm. In fact, I too was looking for a job and applied online to various companys and posted my resume on their web sites. Sachin sharma informed me that here are 4 company who as openings for Assnt Vice President and Vice President positions and I need register on Now Naukri with a fee of Rs. 5299 and they will arrange to set up an interview for me and I will get a package of Rs, 15 lakh per annum. Sachin Sharma assisted me to enter their website and made me to pay Rs. 9797/. Till today I did not get any response from them. I NEED MY REFUND.


  5. Mustansir A Rangwala

    nownaukri .com, please arrange to send my refund which I have paid online, the amount is to be refunded back to me through payorder or draft immediately, i have already sent you official complaint on this website. i have also received your confirmation of complaint received The reference No given by you is NN5552,

  6. usually any standard HR companies won’t charge, anything from the candidates, for forwarding resumes and arranging interviews. But these now naukri people by the time they call, they ask for money and they say your CV is shortlisted and we have to send it today itself bla.. bla..bla.. Be careful with them – Prakash

  7. I do agree to the fact that now naukri is a fraud recruitment agency. They repeatedly called me to apprise that they’ve lot of jobs in senior positions. Asked for registration against Rs 5000/- + & assured me to organize interviews with several reputed company like ITC Ltd. Significantly ITC never authorize or engage any third party recruitment agency. Yes one Mr.Akash Mukherjee was on line. Once I started cross examinations on my reply he immediately disconnected the line. Be careful about such calls.

  8. Hi Sir,

    Now naukri charged me 21,000 INR from me and they promised me to job in international market.
    it’s all happened 6 monts before.No one is responding my mail and calls.
    they have given mail id is; and tool free no 18001033792

    Please help me out how to get back my money.


  9. I have been cheated to the tune of Rs.43,800 by NowNaukri. This is 100% fraud job portal which is run by a bunch of thieves. There is an executive called Sachin Sharma who will lure innocent job seekers with offers from MNCs for very senior positions within 7 days of registration. I got duped this way and Sachin Sharma initially told me that I need to pay the registration fees and then kept of convincing me and made me part with Rs.43,800. I came to know that I was taken for a ride the very next day. I have now lodged a police complaint and also have alerted my Credit Card Bank who have promise me that they will start an investigation.

    I came to know recently that a few job seekers have lost more than a lac of rupees .

    Please stay away from Now Naukri. I am sure sooner or later law will close on them and all these thieves will be put behind bars.

  10. I would like to thank you all for sharing the feedback here. I just now got a call from Now Naukri (23 Dec 2015) saying the exact same things which are mentioned above like your profile is very good and recruiters are looking at it and I need to immediately pay 5200 /-.

    Luckily I was patient and as the lady spoke did an onlline search and read all this. I said that my net connection is having problem so I will do it later and hung up. I wont of course entertain them anymore. Be carefull all and check the crediblity online before paying.

  11. Now Naukri is fake and fraud one ,don’t get trapped by them .Before doing with them please review about!00% it’s Fake and cheating portal .Be care fulll.

  12. I need to know how these type of Thugs and No 420 s are able to operate under Indian Law, is there no control on these types of frauds who lure people in need of jobs and ask to deposit money over net banking ( I have deposited Rs 12900) during first week of Dec 2015.
    Need to find a channel to wipe out these thugs

  13. Dear All,
    Thanks for your valuable posts, I am safely out from this Fraud Company, after watching your Posts..
    Thanks once again.


  14. Today they called me to trap by paying 7000 rupees …but easily escaped. I think these thugs needs to be put under bar…else they will continue to cheat public.

  15. I have paid the amounts of around Rs 12000 but till now apart from CV
    making I did not get any services from NowNaukri . I am not getting
    Job reminders.
    From Now Naukri I am getting calls for offering the same services to
    get the money ONLINE.. When I tried to call back I am getting that
    this Telephone No does not exists. In this way I lost so much of time
    and No response.

  16. Please go ahead and do that.I had similar sort of experiences and they have cheated me Rs.14597/-.I have forwaded the e-mail complaint to delhi,punjab,chandihad,up cyber cells.Delhi crime branch is enquiring the case now.Also I have got the temporary credit from the credit card and they are taking it up with the vendor NowNaukri.Also I have requested the credit card customer care to black list this vendor and deny any customers from making payment to NOW NaUKRI.Also I have forwaded the complaint to delhi cm office and PM office

  17. These Thugs called me today stating the same things that they have told many others. They told me that around 7 – 8 high level profile jobs were awaiting me and before I can apply for any of them, I would need to subscribe to their paid service worth 4-5K which I denied outright saying that this is a unknown company in the market. I think these guys have registered for Paid employer services on some leading portals under some fake name and are collecting our information from there. That’s how they know currently where we are. They then approach us as this portal to lure us to take their paid services. They guy persisted for a while and I just refused to commit after which he hung up.


    We have paid Rs 11000 to Mr amit kuamr his mobile number is 08587871560

    Total paid is Rs 11000.00 , updated resume submitted for your restructuring . Mr. Amit Kumar 08587871560


    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    Date: Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 3:15 PM

    Thank you for the interest shown in our products and services.
    We are pleased to inform you that your payment for the Order No 24983 has been successfully processed.


    Name :
    Email :
    Center Code:
    Staus :
    Date-Time : NN001 24983
    24-01-2016 15:13:16
    Purchased Products
    S.N Order ID Product Amount Date-Time
    1 NN001 24983 Profile Maximizer | Senior Level (10 Yrs) 6799 24-01-2016 15:13:16
    *** All the amounts are inclusive 14.5% Service Tax Total Amount : RS – 6799/-

    Disclaimer: does not guarantee any jobs or interview calls on buying our services. does not require you to share any sensitive information such as your account details, or your Credit card/Debit Card/net banking details with anyone. In any circumstances where you believe your account or your financial information has been compromised, you should contact us on 1800-3010-1575 or
    All the best for your career growth!

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