Mi lifestyle – fraud

The company representative Avnish Srivastava and Dr Abrar Ahmed (BUMS) asked me to join Mi Life as a shopee but as i was not sure of this comoany i started with Rs 5000

For which they assured that i will get an Id and products.

I received products of only 4450 value and since then no one is responding and also my Id was blocked although i gave all documents

Even after giving 5000 Rs its not reflecting on my id which i myself got unblocked.

Requesting all of u not to get in their trap…

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3 thoughts on “Mi lifestyle – fraud”

  1. Hi friends.
    I have got only one thing to share with you all. Mi lifestyle marketing company is the fastest growing direct selling company in India and hence its growth is giving a tough time for all other existing companies. No other company can develop such a premium quality product and own AYUSH PREMIUM QUALITY CERTIFICATE. So members of other companies use platforms like this page and whatsapp and Facebook to try their luck by complaining about the company and product and business plan and create a bad impression about the company.
    I can say that you guys keep on trying your luck that way while we get settled in life through this company.
    For those who doesn’t know anything about this company or if you are new to direct selling or IF YOU DON’T WANT TO DO BUSINESS BUT PURCHASE PRODUCT DIRECTLY IN DISCOUNTED PRICE please contact me in my no.
    You can go directly to any PICK UP CENTER (PUC) nearby your place and shop from there without any one cheating you. For that you only need a 10 digit id no. For id creation you can contact me or follow the steps
    1. Go to http://www.milifestylemarketing.com
    2. Click the login button
    3. Click the distributor icon on the sign up side.
    4. Use any of the following id numbers as reference id,
    44 00 65 37 61
    42 16 33 88 20
    42 59 43 11 46
    49 60 83 78 07
    42 99 11 95 71
    5. Fill up the details and register.
    6. Check your mobile phone or email for your id no and password.
    7. Go to http://www.indiashoppe.com
    8. Scroll down and click the view all stores and select your preferred area.
    9. Go to your nearest puc, give them your id and password and start shopping.
    10. Ask them for available offers while shopping for getting more benefits.
    I would recommend all of you to use the product atleast once in your life and experience the quality of every product and the changes in your body.
    You can call me 24×7 for product details and for any queries.
    If you have any problem in sign up or log in please feel free to call me.
    If you want to take it as a business then too you can call me. But before taking it as a business I would suggest you should experience the product first and gain confidence.
    The company you are dealing with is the best company you can get.
    The product you get is world class premium quality certified product.
    The management and brains behind this company and products are the best you can find.
    So dont get diverted by fake people or companies or even distributors.
    Be self dependent and for any assistance feel free to call me.

    Jai mi life style


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