Maven Info Tech Private Limited – Sexual Harassment by management

This company is not safe for women to work. There has been numerous instances where Mr. Vivek Chapparia (Sales Head), has been involved in sexually exploiting women or female workers or approaching them with indecent proposals. From Agents to HR or any other female from other verticals, this guy has not left any stone unturned to make life difficult for females. Even though he is married, he wants to take his chances. I have gone through the same experience, which prompted me to leave the job. He was nagging me for a movie, every weekend and whenever you turn down, he will call you or send messages and when I finally stopped replying, my salary was blocked for 3 consecutive months. Even Patrick and Bally were involved in this. The owner of the company, Mayur Agarwal, hardly cares about these things and is least bothered. This company does not respect women. Never even think of working here. They have not paid my salary and purposely did not update my account number and delayed it, so that i succumb to his biological requirements. They also deduct your Provident Fund amount but do not deposit it the PF account. They have not created the account, as on date.

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  1. HR Department - Maven Infotech Private Limited

    This is totally a fake complaint because the publisher of this complaint has not posted her name , rather she chose to mention anonymous name ” brave girl “.I have been working in this company since 4 years now and Mr.Vivek Chhaparia is a highly respected and dignified man.he is associated with this company Since 8 years now and there has been no single instance where in there has a negative remark on his character.His career in Maven has been clean.I am working as a HR Manager in this firm and there has been no instance that a salary for any candidate has been placed on hold for three months and Mr.Vivek Chhapariai ls employed as a sales head where in he has no involvement in placing salaries on hold or not releasing it and moreover it sounds absolutely illogical that if the salary for so called ” Brave Girl ” was placed on hold for three months why didn’t she submit a written complaint to the hr dept. Or directly to the managing director.This fake complaint has been posted only to demean his image by some competitor of Maven Infotech because the company does not have any employees who are dissatisfied with salary structure or working g environment and if this complaint is true I would request ” Brave Girl ” to lodge an official complaint with legal authorities and with labour commis on and we would take it from there on

    HR Department
    Maven Infotech Private Limited

    1. I agree with what is written by the HR department…I had previously worked with Maven for almost two years and did not have any kind of complaint regarding anything. The work environment…my seniors…my other team members and people working in various departments within Maven were all very very professional. If “Brave Girl” is so brave then I would ask her to provide all the details as to what exactly happened and when….I seriously doubt because during our times nobody faced any kind od salary issues…we were even given lucarative incentives and bonus alongwith our salary…Maven is the only BPO giving best work environment and which thinks about its employees…common Brave Girl….u can stop playing all these games!!!!!!

    2. First of there is nobody in HR department who work since 4 years. Don’t joke on this serious issue.

      Second thing is that HR department is the one of the idiot department of Maven, which only work for joining candidate.

      Just reply if you need more information regarding this department.

      1. Hello All and Gaurav P ,

        My name is Saakshi Agarwal and I am working in hr Sept. Since 4 years.

        If you talk about hr dept. We are a team of 20 professionals.

        We in maven have more than 250 again if we were joking we would not have been surviving for so long.

        1. Your are fake you…you are working in maven from last one and half year….along with purba, nivedita…its all bullshit

      2. My name is Saakshi Agarwal and I am working in hr dept. For 4 years now.

        Again a fake post by a competitor because we in maven have a hr team of 25 employees and it’s a great atmosphere.

        Spread positive energy and breathe fresh air so that you don’t pose fake posts.

    3. Hey BRAVE GIRL you are doing a great job nice to see someone reveling MAVEN’s true colours. Vivek the most despo guy in Maven, he knows how to use his position very well.
      He likes taking high 5’s especially from girl’s. Mayur the tharki he is exceptional. He makes an agent an her PERSONAL ASSISTANT juat for 3 reasons
      GOOD LOOK &
      Tharki company

      1. I am working in Maven for more than 2 years as CCE. I really have hight regards for Vivek & Mayur sir. maven is one of the BPO in kolkata who pays salary on time but yes some times we see a delay of 2-3days but thats ok because we all know that and have full faith in the management that they will pay the salary. So, whoever you are, one request please stop posting fake comments.

    4. why u r writing lie.vivek chaparia is a girl people will say only lie.but who lefted the job they will only say the trueth.and if he is inocent so why only he is pointed here…………

    5. vivek chaparia is a highly respected man my girlfriend was also offered a date with him.and my girlfriend refused it.and why would someone post there name.they have some reputation as a ladies.vivek chaparia is a monster

  2. What ever this Brave Girl has posted is a CRAP because I am working in this organisation for the last 4 years and not for a single month my salary has gone on hold or got deducted, on top I was paid incentive whenever I was eligible. I have personally recommended many female employees who till date never complained of any situation which is shared by this so called BRAVE girl. I have and had many female employees in my team who directly reported to me who never complained against Mr. Vivek Chapparia regarding his character. I have seen him helping many employees monetarily who struggled to meet their month’s end. He has always shown immense respect for female employees and has always stood beside all the employees with strong support. He has also helped many employees to grow and make a mark in the BPO industry as well.

    He started his career as an agent and today he is a SALES HEAD hence we can all judge how dedicated and determined he is towards his work.

    Hey BRAVE GIRL please grow up for GOD SAKE and involve yourself in some better job rather poking somebody for your own personal interest.

  3. Only thing I could do after reading the complain by brave girl is “LAUGH”. I am working with Maven for more than 2 years. I know Maven and its management very well. If i Talk about Mr. Vivek Chhaparia, he is one of the most respected employee of Maven.He is working with maven for more than 8 years now and i don’t think anyone say anything bad about him. I can also say without any doubt that till date I have not seen or heard that maven has kept any employee’s salary on hold for more than 3 months.

    So, I would request whoever this brave girl is to come forward with some proof and stop being childish.

    1. Laugh is very good for health. First of all age of Maven is not crossed 8 years then how Mr. Vivek is working more than 8 years.

      Just ask your ideal vivek why a senior HR manager left her job in 3 years back, why a serior BDM left the job and why a process manager left her job just few months.

      And last one regarding the salary, why a whole SEO department left Maven on same day.

      I believe you will must ask all these questions and I also believe that you will post again all the answers of vivek.

      1. Laugh is good for health i laughing out loud because of fake post yet again posted.Thee has been no Senior HR Manager who left her job.

        People will a high quality class can only survive in Maven and i want to ask you one serious question.What is the grudge that you have against Maven.The company has grown from a space of 800 Sq .ft. to 10000 sq. ft. in a span of 10 years.

        So if Maven was terminating employees or not releasing salaries the organization as a whole would not have grown..It is our esteemed employees who have made us grow.

        You could not survive because you were not in that elite league.Is that the grudge.

        Post as much fake comments you can because it is only making Maven Popular.I am working in the organization since 4 years now and i never has such issues,I joined on a salary of Rs 7000 and today after four years my salary is Rs 45000.I am working as a Sales Analyst.

        You can contact me on

      2. get your information correct. Maven is about to complete 10 years in BPO business, not only maven will complete 10 years it has also grown from a small office in lake town to a lavish infrastructure in eco space. I joined as a CCE and now i am a team leader. I really respect this Organisation. I am sure looser who where thrown out of the organisation because they dont meet the industry standards are the one who is writing these fake & negative comments. One suggestion for all the looser – “GET A LIFE”

  4. I am working with Maven for 4 years now. Maven helped me to grow as a professional. Mr. Vivek Chhaparia is one person who always helped me & taught me how to grow in an organisation. Not only me but all the employees of maven has very high regards for him. I am very happy to be a part of Maven & work under Vivek Chhaparia.

    1. Hi Sudip we all know you are nowhere exist in Maven. There are nobody in name of Sudip who work since 4 years in maven.

      This is the same Maven who do not the transport bill since last 6 months.

      1. My name is Sudip Kumar Das and i working as a Lead Generator in maven since 4 years,I am not aware about vendors but this company is very professional and there is enough scope of growing in the organization.

        By the way Gaurav P can you please tell me the company you are working for and the designation you hold because your grammar sucks.

        Your post sucks as much as the grammar of the fake post.

      2. rather than asking everyone about ther identity, i would request you to tell us your identity. As we all are eager to the know person who has so much of free time and has nothing productive to do in life. everyone knows what maven is. I am really proud to be associated with this company.

  5. Joining Maven was one of the best decision I ever made and working under Mayur & Vivek sir is a privilege. So, I would you request so called “Brave girl” to stop spreading rumours and grow up.

    1. Could you please share your employee I’d or dept., so that we can identify you?

      Hope if you really then must reply with employee I’d.

      1. I am working as a Lead Generator in Maven Infotech Pvt. Ltd. since 4 years now.

        You suck as much as the grammar of the fake post.

      2. My name is Sayak Google Id is rony.I am working as an Assistant Business Head.

        My employee I’d is 32451.and my office landline no. Is 033 40318900. Ext.927.

        Can u also share your company details as in which company are u working for and your contact details so that I can validate the truth behind the content posted.

        Best Regards

  6. I am completely agreed with bravegirl, Specially Vivek and Mayur, typically bas****d they can do anything. Do a check on you can know everything about maven. If you want to spoil (m*abah*n) your career surely you can join this great company. All above comments are fake, posted by maven authority, to regain their reputation although they do not left it anymore.

  7. hahahaha…..Nice name, “Mr. Bamboo”, your name says everything. Anyways, if you are speaking the truth then please be a man and use your real name like others. Just one request, don’t be a looser. I have worked with maven a year back and I never faced any problem.

  8. It is been found that many unprofessional people who have been thrown out of Maven are deliberately posting negative comments just to fulfill their egos. They don’t even have the guts to reveal their identity. They are just hiding their names by using alias like brave girl etc just to save their arse. Come to Maven and see how we work and I’am sure if you are a true professional you would definitely like it and would not like to work anywhere else …..

    1. If all ex employee do the same job against Maven then either Maven will stop operating or improve their behavior as every month about 200 new candidates get joined but salary is released about 100 to 120 employees.

      But nobody bother this bullshit behavior.

      Just look some interesting features of maven:

      ESI deducted since 2011 but no body get permanent esi card or else temporary one.

      PF is deducted since Sep’2014, none of the employees get any a/c details.

      Hey Princess don’t be blind folded just accept the realities of Maven.

      1. Jyoti Prakash Joshi

        i am working as an accounts manager in Maven Infotech Pvt. Ltd. since 2 years now and we have issued E.S.I. cards to every employee and the pf amount has also been deposited.I agree that i was delayed but it was due to our Ex. General Manager ” Mr. Sunny Singh “a.k.s. Harjeet Singh Jassal or might be Rascal. who was recently terminated because he was engaged in flirting with girls and literally all the HR’S were tired of his cheap behaviour,The work culture after he was terminated has been changed by leaps and bounds.He never gave importance to work.

        I take it as my responsibility that it was delayed and i apologize for the process to be delayed but it was only due to mismanagement of work and things being not looked upon to.

        My name is Mr. Jyoti Prakash Joshi and my contact details are as follows:

        Personal Phone No : 8100000122 and office landline no is 033 40318902,If any employee is yet to receive their P.F. or e.s.i. card they can contact me on this no.or can can send an email at and i will look into the matter.

        Please check with PF Department that the PF has been deposited for 275 employees so how on this earth is it possible that we are paying only 100 to 120 employees.

        So princess you are not blind foldedly trusting anybody here.

        1. I totally agree with Mr.Joshi.sunnie Singh ( ex.general manager ) used to call me at wee hours and send lewd text messages.When I asked him to stop himself in indulging in such activities he threatened me to throw me out of job.I immediately reported this issue to the managing director and he was terminated.

          Regarding work hr dept. functions in a very professional manner now after he was terminated.


        2. I have left this company on last 19th April 2015. Till now I have not get back my EPF money even it is not deposited in my PF account. I have send email to Account department, HR department, General Manager, and Managing Director also……….NO RESULT……..ALL REPLIED (Except MD)……… …..CONVERSATION IS STILL GOING ON……………… I have seen lot of MAVEN lovers are here. Any one please suggest me when & how I can get back EPF money??.

      2. after working with maven for 17 months i left the company and joined a different company, then i realised maven is the best company in kolkata.. i called up my TL in maven and requested him if i can join back and to my surprise ,he agreed and now i am working with maven for 2 years last year they gave me an increment of 7000. trust me, i would request every young star, if they want to shape ther career they should join maven, also i have got my esic card also i have my PF number. So whoever writing these fake comments please get a better work for yourself.

  9. I feel pity on the person who used his name as bamboo or might be his parents named as bamboo because they knew beforehand that their son will turn out to be like that.spread peace guys and don’t comment fake about anything.if there is something genuine flow legal steps and ensure action or at least use your real name and contact details.maven is a company in kolkata which has been onto business for 25 years now and if I go by the trait it has always grown.loosers like brave girl or bamboo.grow up guys.invest your time and synergy in building your present and future rather than posting fake comments.

    Cheers may god bless!!!!

    1. Who tell you Mr. Sneh* Maven is 25 yrs old. It established in middle of April 2008. Don’t rumors such false things. And let you know there are no body whose name like Rockstar, Ronit and Sudip are working in Maven and there are only 5 person who works more than 4 years. This stats proofs the behavior of management (?).

      1. maven has one of the best management in Kolkata. I am working here as a team leader for past 3 years. I love this organisation and proud to be associated with maven. Mr. gagan we need high quality people who can work and deliver and i think you don’t fall in the league and out of jealousy you are writing fake comments. All i could say is “best of luck”

      2. Mr Gagan, rather than writing fake comments and wasting your time, i would suggest you to learn how to write proper and correct english, looking at your english writing skill i am sure you wer not selected in the interview and that is the reason you have grudge against maven. If you come down for interview again i will personally ask our HR team to select you this time, as we have a very strong training team and i am totally confident that they can improve your english in couple of days.

  10. Gagan , probably your knowledge on industries is limited because if you do a deep research Maven Infotech Pvt.Ltd. Ltd. Was onto jute industry and insurance for 15 yrs before foraying into Bpo the company us 25 yra old because all the industries worked under same banner.

    To highlight rockstar is Mr.balley Islam ( head quality and verification ).

    Ronit it is sayak dutta working as a assistant business head.
    Sudip das is a lead generator

    The management of maven is strong and I can proudly say that because a company cannot survive for 25 years if the management is poor.

    Gain an advice stop posting fake

  11. Hey BRAVE GIRL you are doing a great job nice to see someone reveling MAVEN’s true colours. Vivek the most despo guy in Maven, he knows how to use his position very well. He likes taking high 5’s especially from girl’s. Mayur the tharki he is exceptional. He makes an agent an her PERSONAL ASSISTANT juat for 3 reasons GOOD LOOK GOOD LOOK & GOOD LOOK

  12. ExMaven Employee

    Its interesting to read post from people who are unhappy with their experience in Maven and of those who are happy working with Maven.
    On a lighter note…All those happy souls who claim to be happy and have praised the company and its leaders (leaders is actually being sarcastic)..Well lets throw some light on the reality…
    What Brave Girl has mentioned about her experience with Mr Chapparia and the management may be true, so lets respect her view…how ever we do not know the facts…I have been a witness of a many atrocities while i was with Maven…and not to forget the great event when VIVEK was humiliated and beaten by a employee of Maven right in front of the entire staff (in the manager bay). I hope all those who have written good things about the working culture in Maven this was a classic example. Vivek was not on humiliated by being beaten up by Arnab. I’m sure VC will have his side of the story to defend. Hes good at telling people that how an employee or rather an ex employee was bad and that he was kicked out or terminated. The fact remains that most of the people left on their own either by resigning or being absconding. Yes a few were terminated. Now as for the SEO team who was so called terminated was actually a plot. What about the AGMs who were hired and then fired. I would want to believe that Mayur Agarwal and Vivek Chapparia and Gaurav aka Patrick and the Sayaks are the best in the industry. Well the plot thickens…
    HRs, Admin, SEO, Operations, BDM, Verification all these departments are a victim and many have left because of these great management leaders.
    I am sure I will be questioned in this forum for proof of my claims. Well As for the VIVEK episode we all saw…Surveilliance has the tapes…Mayur turned a blind eye to this episode for reasons best known to every one…
    Rezina…U claim that Sunny has sent you messages and calls at weird hours…Btw when this forum questions BRAVE Girl for keeping quite all this while the why was REZINA Sleeping all this while….
    And as for a HR like Rezina who is good for nothing actually…Mr Joshi…please get your facts right before you claim things like Sunny was terminated…Hahahahahahahah You Duh..he has officially resigned and he has everything to you have any thing to prove that he was terminated?????Well Now now I can understand all you who have or are in support of Maven and VC may think this is posted by Sunny or a fan of Sunny in a fake name…well I am no fan of his either. He was another good for nothing but the fact remains that he wasnt terminated he resigned on his own and can prove it.
    Lastly the climax all the posts talking good about Maven and VIVEK are done to cover up the main post by Maven… I know this for a fact because we were also asked to the same when people had written about Maven… So happy writing to all Maven employees posting goodies…But this aint stopping…

  13. F**kYou_bccd198456

    Sunny Singh aka Harjeet Singh Jassal phone number 9831632876 is a MOTHER F**KER. We dont know if he sleeps with his bhabhi also. He keeps on posting about the new born baby. Maybe that is his only

  14. Guys, This is me Gagan Modi (the real one). My phone number is +919674323886. So if anyone wants to talk to me, please call me to understand the real picture of Maven.


    Mr Sunny Singh aka Harjeet Singh Jassal (phone number 9831632876) please stop using my name or please stop creating fake ids in my name.

    I heard very recently that you have been terminated from Maven. I am sure you have been paid your full salary and the company gave you a farewell too.

    So stop behaving like a physic (mentally retarded) person and concentrate on you new career.

    I am in favor of company to terminate you as nobody was happy under you and because of you company had to face losses.

    I wonder if Maven never would have hired you, they would have reached even greater hights. I remember how you were a non performer in everything assigned to you and how you used to simply put the blame on your subordinates.

    I usedto feel ashamed of working under you and now i am even more ashamed of knowing you.

    Anyway i dont want to waste my time writing about you any further because you level will always be what it was. A Shit!

    Anyone following this forum, i would like to tell you that all this Brave Girl, Gaurav P, Bamboo, etc etc etc is nobody but Harjeet Singh Jassal who is just trying every thing possible on the face of this earth to demean a reputed company like Maven.

    This company has grown from a 800 sq ft to a 10500 sq ft company. From a company with turnover of 50k to 15 Crore. From a 1 employee to 500 employees.

    If this company was so bad then, they would have not been so much successful.

    Hence i leave in you guys to use your own maturity to judge and fall into traps of these physico’s

    And Mr so called Harjeet Singh Jassal (Good for Nothing) DON’T YOU DARE USE MY NAME AGAIN IN YOUR SHIT

  15. Every company has got pros and cons….. to which Maven Infotech Pty ltd is no exception (Could be a fact or rumour…So I let the experienced people make the judgement).But its surprising to read complains of ‘sexual harrassment “and “flirting”against the managers of Maven Infotech. I had been working with this company for 2 Yrs as a TL.Never did i face any problem with Mr. Mayur Aggarwal , Mr. Vivek Chapparia ,Ex-General manager Mr. Sunny Singh aka Harjeet Singh Jassal…….All have been respectful to me as all my female co workers, Never did i hear them complaining about any sort of harrassment.
    Mr. Vivek Chapparia has invested years of hard work build this company and so did Mr Sunny Singh(ex-general manager) to create Maven to what it is today, which would have never been possible if the managers were just there to meet their “biological needs”.
    So all the readers and the review posters, whether you are the competitors of Maven , ex employees or present employees …. If You cannot respect their efforts kindly have some respect for your time , cause the people you are commenting on have got better jobs than than reading your fake filthy comments .

  16. Hi….all maven current employee & managers…Maven is a mother f****r company…basically vivek,mayur their managment skills is a bull shit…they flirting with all hr & agent level also…when ex general manager had worked in maven he had a punjabi girl friend…Now a days vivek bluddy mother F****R likes a HR she is Shreashi…he is poluted maven ….MAYUR has no back bone….I think he remember that FACEBOOK uploaded status and picture…CAll verification dept Mr gourav mittal (Patrick) he called up late night and sms also every agent from verification dept & hr dept….I was faced that problem by patrick,vivek,& other guy he is also manager…

    Any quires direct call this no 8335846900/9874612761…

  17. Hi..All maven current employee & managers…Maven is a Mother F****r company…Basically VIVEK,MAYUR their managment skills is a bull shit…They flirting with all HR & agent level also…When Exgeneral manager had worked in maven he had a punjabi girl friend…Now a days Vivek bluddy mother F****R likes a HR she is SHREASHI…He is poluted maven…Mayur has no back bone…..I think he remember that FACEBOOK uploaded status and pictures…Call verification dept Mr.Gourav mittal (Patrick)he called up late night and sms also every agent from verification dept & HR dept…I was faced that problem by Patrick,vivek & other guy he is also manager…

    Any quries direct call this no 8335846900/9874612761

  18. good morning to al the mother f***er still workng in maven,its a hopeless company, worked for 9 months ,got the salary for 7 months….
    bloody vivek is biggest stupid of the planet,and seems to b a impotent person..
    given the highest revenue , and got the salary deducted later on…
    shame on the people who r still working,..
    f**k in hell

    MBD verification…..

  19. Yes vivek dint even spare married women in maven….goin around with an aunty in verification.And the general managers chick Ms jones thought herself to b at top of the world ,(knew wel how grow by short cut means) whomever she like get incentives, whom she dint like salary got deductd apr under her control……direct contct with all managers.
    All women working here must be a whore!!! Shame on feminity!!!

  20. Hi everyone…..I don’t know about mayur sir…..but all I can say that Patrick sir and sunny sir is very good person they helped me a lot….and that bloody Vic Parker aka Vivek madharchod is a big gandu….he is nothing but a big asshole….bloody wife fucker..hahaha uski sadi hui hai pta nai biwi ko kaise lgata hoga…sala verification ki kuntala das boudi ko v nai chora usne ..piche k stair pe le jakr blow job deta tha…but yes Patrick sir saved me a lot from many obstacles….

  21. Arey Vivek, tera favorite gana from kingston (dance bar). Kuch Yaad Aya ????????
    Teri to yehi aukat hai

    “Lagawelu jab lipistic, hilela arra distric
    Tu, lagawelu jab lipistic, hilela arra distric
    Zilla top lagelu
    Ho zilla top lagelu
    Kamariya kore lapa loap, lolipop lagelu”

  22. Ex Maven Employee

    First of all let me tell you that MAVEN is a good company to work with,it still can be a lot better company if they decide to THROW MR.CHAPARIA OUT. and the only reason he is working their for last 8-9 whatever years as he knows for a fact he will never get through anywhere else. and Mr.Chaparia before pointing out anybody please stand it front of the mirror and HAVE A STEADY LOOK AT YOUR SELF 🙂 . and Mr. Joshi you can not write that ENGLISH as I am quite well versed with your vocabulary 😉 I am quite sure that Chaparia created this id and wrote all this as he doesnt have any freaking job apart from chewing RAJANIGANDHA and SPITING the same on the same work station where he sits..A BIG LOL…
    Anyways Mr. Chaparia if you can…(THOUGH ITS VERY LATE ) Change your Self..

  23. I have left this company on last 19th April 2015. Till now I have not get back my EPF money even it is not deposited in my PF account. I have send email to Account department, HR department, General Manager, and Managing Director also……….NO RESULT……..ALL REPLIED (Except MD)……… …..CONVERSATION IS STILL GOING ON……………… I have seen lot of MAVEN lovers are here. Any one please suggest me when & how I can get back EPF money??.

  24. Mandrita Bhattacharya

    Hey Consumer Complaints-Please verify before letting anyone file a complaint whether it is true or not.And its a Kind Request please dont let this kind of fake complaints to get registered it creates a bad impression unnecessarily.Lets not discuss who has spend how many years with the company.I have been here 4 months and I have found this company to be the best one in terms of growth and career building.There is no such issues with woman Safety.Its absolutely good and great to work here.Moreover It’s a Nasscom member and an Iso Certified company.So please stop faking Stuffs

    HR Department

  25. I have never worked with maven.i don’t know why all this reviews.if you have SMS and calls of some one who has harassed u just lodge an fir.its done.police will find out who is right and who is wrong.

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