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it’s fake online shoping


licafedeals run advertisment on instagram, i saw tic watch product which has a good deal discount 90%, then i placed order with 2 product through the visa payment but i not have reiceived any confirmation from this shop. Please help me to refund my money and cut off this shop. Thank u very much

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  1. It’s a scam. I enter my card info included CVV number and I didn’t receive any confirmation. I wonder that if this site uses my card and take all my money. Please help to report and close this site

  2. I was waiting for the watch parcel to arrive . However, it’s a scam. The information given to me which is mainly for the parcel loavwtionm it states that it has arrive to my house when I don’t receive any.

  3. OH My God…. me too
    I order ticwatch2 from Licafedeals. I see post in Instagram.
    but until now the product is not sent..
    help me…
    I already sent complain to contact in web but my email is say there address email is not found and unable to receive email.

  4. Laura Laliberté

    J’ai commander la montre le 21 février et rien encore je viens de voir tout vos commentaire qui dise que c’est un faut site et la le site est fermer 😤 comment je fait pour avoir mon argent

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