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Reported By: Erine

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On my facebook account an adversiment for a watch TicWatch C2 came & i loved the product and saw a 90% sale is going on for this month and i placed the order. Yesterday evening i got my parcel and on opening it their was a piece of junk inside it. I product i received is not more that worth of $2. I am very much abnnoyed with the website but No one is replying from their side their email id is . Please help me in getting my product or in getting my refund from this scam website.

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    1. I also have this problem. Done payment on 8/2/2019.
      dont have the tracking number item.
      did not receive any email or massage.
      Please help me also to get the watch or refund the money back.

      1. I too ordered a watch but I ordered mine 2/7/19 everytime I reply to the email I get the same email stating my order was confirmed

    2. it happened the same to me!!! I went to their website and this is what appears “”Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable.””… I sent them an email and what it says ”
      Address not found
      Your message wasn’t delivered to because the address couldn’t be found or is unable to receive email.”

  1. I did the same purchase but I haven’t received any tracking or more than the order number, have tryed do reach them but no one answered. I also want my money back!

    1. My goodness. Just did order and too late to see the review. What a mistake. Bought a watch suppose to be for my husband but the review seems to be so negative. Oh no..

  2. Hi, Im SITI from Malaysia.
    I also buy TIC WATCH C2. Done payment on 8/2/2019.
    Through debit card. But cannot check the parcel. Did not receive any parcel tracking number through massage(phone) or email.
    They did not give any feedback or information to me.
    I want the real watch or give my money back.

  3. I placed an order for a earbud paid with my bank card but never got any confirmation message or package tracking number.please help me get my money back

  4. Ini akun penipuan. Saya juga beli jam ticwatch. Tapi harga tidak masuk akal. Saya segera blockir kartu kredit saya. Tp sudah terlanjur berhasil transaksi ini. Kalau uanh saya ga balik itung2 amal deh sm penipu ini

    1. Same situation as I did not get anything after purchasing the TIC watch. I have try to send email to them but can not reach them. How can I get my money back…☹

  5. Also saw the Tic wrist watches on instagram advert so I placed order for 2 n paid immediately but till now can’t track the product is a fucking scam site

  6. I just purchased the ticwatch c2 now that I saw from Instagram. After reading this I’m scared if it doesn’t come I to also want my money back

  7. I am so disappointed. I have ordered ticwatch c2 on Valentine days 14th February 2019 and I didn’t get any notifications related this order at all. I sent them email 3rd times but no reply.

    This account has offering the promotion 90% thats why am interested and its advertised as well on instagram. I Want my real watch or refund my money!.

  8. Im from malaysia. This website is fake. Saw this ticwatch adv from instagram. How come instagram allow scammer do the adv to cheat consumer? I do the payment on 15 feb. Till today (21feb) 2019. The order #1879. Email didnt reply me too. I want the watch if not i want my money back!!!!

  9. You guys really annoying me!!!… I also bought watch from this site and they say my order already ship.. but they didn’t give the tracking number.. lately i know that this site is fake.. and I got scammed!!!

  10. omfg! i made payment tooo…. thought of a gift for my husband and surprise him. after make payment only i saw this webpage. i sent email to but no one replying. then i received sms saying my parcel sending hopefully i got something. T_T

  11. Same experience with me the comments are shit, no response from the email at all. Waste of money. Guys we need to do something to shut down the website.

  12. elianette paz sanzana

    pucha estoy igual que ustedes, compre y el 23, de febrero, 2019 me dijeron q estaba aceptada la compra, y el 25 q el producto ya salio, y no he vuelto a saber nada, se supone que cuando uno compra asi se demora harto en llegar el producto, yo compre 3 relojes 🙁 cuanto le abra demorado en llegar a la señora, si esto es una estafa ahi que hacer caer al tarado que esta haciendo esto.ahi q ir a la pdi para que rastree el imei de la com putadora o de donde este haciendose la estafa, ojala que no sea 🙁 hablenme por face

  13. I ordered the tic watch from licafedeals after seeing their advertisement in Instagram. I want my money back. No body is responding to my emails in the customer support.

    1. If you guys want a refund just speak to your bank and ask them to do a charge back, they should also then put a stop on the company taking any more money from your account. I have been scammed by these arseholes and I am just about to call my bank

  14. Same nightmare experienced to me as well…
    Order fm Feb 11, 2019 n they confirmed n rcvd but no shipment order till now…. can’t be reached at all. Hate it if really scam… I want refund… !!!

  15. I also made purchase via Instagram as had done before with other products. Haven’t recieved anything. I did get emails confirming purchase and tracking but isn’t connect ed to anything. Tried emailing and had been rejected. Share with pals this is clearly a scam

  16. I also made purchase via Instagram. Didn’t received the product and despite many email sent to no reply at all. This is definitely a scam. Please share to prevent many more to fall into prey.

  17. I have the same problem as everybody else here… Saw a commercial on Instagram, ordered the watch, paid, got order number and that’s it. Tried to contact them, no use. I want my money back. Is it possible?

  18. These fucking clowns!! I ordered back in February got an email saying my order was shipped give it 21 days to receive, and still nothing. I go to look for the tracking and the website is not to be found, i go to email and get a returned email saying email address does not exist. Im beyond furious and started a dispute with my bank yesterday. I would advise anyone else who has had the same issue to do the same.

  19. I bought the Tic watch Feb 15 2019 and I haven’t receive anything from them I tried emailing them and no response back I keep getting a undeliverable mail I’m so disappointed I want my refund is that even possible

  20. I ordered the tic watch from the add on Instagram and it’s been like two months but I haven’t got any mail or anything I think this is fake but how Instagram do this can’t believe so so bad



  22. Apakah kalian menggunakan kartu kredit dlm pembayarannya? Apakah ada transaksi membership fee dari lifecadeals ini?

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