hi, frnds
i worked with LED CODER delhi but would not get payments. they are fraud.
My number is 91 7384048912

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15 thoughts on “LED CODER DELHI – fraud”

  1. Led Coder is totally a fraud company. I have paid Rs. 3500/- to get offline typing work from them. They send me pdf file containing 755 pages (ebook on SQL Server which is easily available on the internet) and as per my experience there is no need to convert it from PDF to DOC. Ye log bebkuf bana rehe hain. Required Accuracy level is 98% which is not possible for anyone in this world. Please do not join any company which ask for the registration payment in advance before work.
    Following is the Agreement of LedCoder which they don’t disclose to anyone before joining. Read the same very carefully :
    Led Coder
    Terms & Conditions (For Home Based Work Only)
    1. Client shall pay Rs. 3000/- as registration fee and Rs. 500/- for documentation fee.
    2. Registration fees is refundable after two assignments (condition apply) and documentation fees is not refundable.
    3. This Registration shall remain valid till the next eight months from the date of starting of actual live commercial production and mutual relations. After the completion and review of the performance and mutual relation, the same contract can be extended and renewed as desired by both the parties.
    Total working days: 15 calender days(Rs. 18000/-)
    If client delivers the processed work as desired by him/her with 98% accuracy. The Company will pay 25% advance in next assignment.
    6. PAYMENT:
    Payment of billing will be made after 7-10 commercial days of work submission reports.
    Quality check report will be provided within 7-10 working days of the submission of the data transmitted in previous lot.
    Client agrees to deliver processed work with 98% accuracy. Otherwise deduction will be made as…
    Between 95%-92%- 10% Between 87%-85%- 40%
    Between 92%-90%- 20% Between 85%-80%- 50%
    Between 90%-87%- 30% Between 80%-75%- 70%
    9. CHANCES
    If accuracy level is below 75%, no payments will made to Client for that lot/month work and the Company will not gave any work in further months to client.
    10. a) In any case client doesn’t submit the work according to the instruction (Given by company) (OR)
    (b) The due date, time & incomplete
    Then company will terminate the client account without any notice and will not issue work further & security money will be forfeited by company.
    11. If the client uses OCR converter or any other software (for the typing work) then company have to cancel your registration fees without any notice.
    12. In case Company is unable to get work from the PRINCIPAL Company then the Company will give 15% compensation to Client equal to work of particular period at the time of final settlement of contract period.
    13. No modification of the term & conditions shall be valid unless it is written and signed by both the parties.
    14. *100% Registration fee Refundable in that case if achieve the accuracy level above 98% for continues 2 assignments.
    15. Any dispute arising out of this term & conditions during the contractual period would be dealt within the jurisdiction of the competent courts at NEW DELHI.

    1. Can u contact ne for the same? I wish to start an action against such fraud company. Even i have been fooled by them. Awaiting reply.
      Contact : 9619567220

  2. I agreed that Ledcoder is a fraud company. They will not give u a single paisa to any one because their terms and conditions are very strict which they do not disclosed before joining. They send ebooks to type which are available on the internet. Their work is useless. Bebakuf banane bali baat hai.

    Is janam main nahi to uppar jakar hisab to ese ghatia logon ko dena hi padega jo grabib logon the paisa loot rahe hain.

    I request every one please don;t join Ledcoder because this is a totally fraud company.

    Please don’t trust on that kind of companies also which asks for money before providing the work.

    We have to understand that no one can type 450 pages with 98% accuracy in a single time. We have to check the same 8-10 times for the final compilation of the document.

    No one can type 450 pages with 98% accuracy because these pages are not simple pages. Tables, graphs, figure work includes in these pages which they do not explain before joining.

    So don’t join that kind of companies.


  3. I submitted my work on time with 0% spelling mistakes. They said in the accuracy report that you have not alligned some titles in the centre of the page. So your work rejected. I typed 450 pages from pdf to doc format within 15 days (day/night working). I have called Ledcoder on the given mobile number so many times but they have not picked my phone. Is this the way of working?
    As per my opinion Ledcoder is a totally fraud company.

    1. Dear Mam,
      i also have paid 3500 today morning date on 26/March 2015
      actully what happaning can you please Explain …

      thank you

    2. iam thnking to join seriously really ur review make me to thionk on that now i hope iam in safe line coz of u thank u fr ur review / comment on led coder hope everyone wil check the comments of our friends like u while joing this kind of companies thank u


  4. ledcoder is fraud company
    i have paid rs3500
    they gave me same project sql server of 750 pages .
    the helpline numbers which they gave always busy…..

  5. Ledcoder is a big fraud company.
    i had taken up work with Led Coder, but no assistance and nothing. i am trying to call on the helpline number no one is receving the same. i tried calling the coordinator but she also did not receive the call.
    They said the work is of 350-450 pages but it was always more than that .I have paid 3500 rupees and they gave me pdf file (A first look at SQL Server 2005) of 737 pages.
    I request to all people that you are not joint this fraud company, I again tell to all boys and girls that LEDCODER is a FRUD COMPANY.

  6. I have taken so many assignment from this company and they have pay me the salary. The pepole were not complte on time so company has not pay the amount.

  7. hi,
    I have done typing work for 15 days and get it checked by them inbetween but after completion they rejected my work due to double enter and said accuracy is less than 70%, biggest fraud company and now not at all lifting my phone.

    Rohit Bhalla

  8. Hello everybody.. I also have been fooled by the company.. And i am willing to take some action against them with the help of cyber crime branch. I am from mumbai but i am sure ppl from many diff areas have been fooled. Plz lets get united and give them the taste of their own medicine. Anybody who wishes to join me can contact me on : 09619567220
    Awaiting some support from u all πŸ™‚

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