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By: Kawal Kumar

Hi Sir/ Ma’am,

I want to get my refund against full amount @ INR 20,000/- as paid by me + INR 2,00,000/- as Penalty against fraud as done by Jukaso Journey. The frauds as done by Jukaso Journey proves with below details.

1.) The Application/ Contract/ agreement no. 185961 as I purchased from Jukaso was signed on dated 16/11/2017 and also paid Down payment of Amount @ INR 20,000/-. I had sent first mail on dated 18/11/2017 for withdrawal/ cancellation of my Contract and to refund my money. After 18/11/2017, I had sent many more mails regarding withdrawal/ cancellation of said Agreement / Contract. Those acknowledgement mail are also available with me.
2.) As per clause no. 8 (General Conditions) and their sub-clause no. 8.1 (Withdrawal of Application for refund) of said agreement, it is clearly mentioned that the “Travellers are allowed to apply for cancellation/ withdrawal from with 10 Days from the date of Down Payment”. Therefore it is cleared that the Cancellation/ Withdrawal request was raised by me within 2 days i.e. as per agreement only.
3.) As per clause no. 8.5 of said agreement, it is clearly defined that the refund shall be paid with 90 Days from the date of cancellation of request. But as on today dated 26/05/2018 after passing of more than 180 Days, I had not received any refund from Jukaso and neither is has processed by them till date. Therefore it is cleared that the Jukaso I not adhering their own statements and neither they do not have any fear about laws of Indian Jurisdiction.
4.) Whenever I had sent mails to Jukaso, they mentioned in their response that they will send you a response within 48 Hours. But in actual, I have not received any update/ response on my mail till date. Therefore there Service/ Customer support is very poor.
5.) There are many complaints are registered on different websites and by different persons (around 500 + Complaints) against such Frauds by Jukaso. But still they are running their business with any fear and giving more motivation to Corruptions. You will get whole details about such case details online and different website related to consumer support.
6.) One petition was also raised by Mr. Binod Kumar periwal almost 3 Year before. Even after this petition, this Jukaso company is running. You can get whole details about this petition through this link.

There is very poor service support from Jukaso and so many complaints are registered on different websites. They had cheated to many peoples and running a biggest scam of corruption in India. Several Complaints are registered by different peoples.

During discussion & before signing of this Agreement, the offer are different (i.e. 5 Days 4 Nights per year and applicable for total 5 Years) and suddenly, they changed the documents of their offers after receipt of Down Payments.

I had raised the Withdrawal request in 2 days only, because I had founded difference in clauses in agreement/ contract than as we discussed in their offer and I had also saw many complaints over different websites.

I had also waiting for my refund from more than 180 Days after many requests and as Jukaso is not able to provide their services as per agreement, therefore I am fully liable to get back my full paid amount with penalty of min. amount @ INR 2,00,000/-.

All documents and details are attached for your reference and help to get refund against full payment as paid by me including penalty of minimum amount @ INR 2,00,000/- to avoid such case in future.

Thanks & Regards,
Kawal Kumar
09971843481/ 07827186156

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