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Indira IVF Lajpat Nagar Clinic Complaints & Reviews

By: Simran

This is regarding bad & Negligence behaviour of Senior Dr Sagarika Aggarwal & Junior Dr Anita Kumari Of Indira IVF Lajpat Nagar. Three incidences happened with me. I ignored first two incidents but this is heights of bad behaviour of drs which make me realise that I need to inform media, chairman of India ivf and every single person about this.

1st Incident- I was in my first trimister & going through a very bad phase of my health bcz of vomiting nd vertigo so one day I called Indira ivf clinic Lajpat Nagar & asked for dr Sagarika appointment for her consultation bcz of my frequent vomiting issue she clearly denied to give her appointment at 3 pm by saying she has too leave early today nd also refused to consult on ph even after listening my urgent medical requirement & unfortunately on urgent basis I contacted dr Anita at Max hospital Vaishali & I was so sick that Max dr suggested me for admission in hospital to get rid of frequent vomitings, patents can’t expect this negligence behaviour from drs that too at critical times & when u will go to their clinic for the first time they will attend you like god & once you started your treatment from them & once u have already paid enough amount for ivf they start showing their true colours. I was so sick at that time that I ignored all this.

2nd Incident – people sitting at medicines counter will promise u while buying medicines from them that they will return all the Medicines if unused still if it is open the only condition is we need to show the bill of that medicine. Than one day in my 2nd trimester dr changed one of my medicines & we went to medicine window at Indira IVF Lajpat Nagar to return those medicines that person clearly denied of taking back those medicines & misbehaved with us & used very wrong & bad language while taking, we complaint about this wrong & bad behaviour of that person to Dr Sagarika Aggarwal (Sr dr) but nothing changed. She supported him only by clearly refusing us that no they will not return that medicines & will not refund our money.

3rd incident – there is one more available at Indira IVF Lajpat Nagar clinic her name is (junior Dr) Anita Kumari after this medicine incident she also misbehaved with me on 7th Aug, 2018. I called her on her no. Shared by her with patients saying patients can call on this no. Anytime they are in need, her no. Was not reachable so I dropped an WhatsApp msg to her by asking a small & quick question that duphaston & L-arginine are these both medicine same or different & what she replied is that I am not supposed to call her or msg her on her personal no., I told her that u urself has given ur mob no. to us or to other patients so that they can clarify whatever problem they r facing and till the last incident she was very much answering our issues on this same no. But she suddenly after the 2 nd incident happened changed her behaviour & showed this attitude to us that we r nt supposed to call her on her personal no. & she even didn’t answered our query regarding the medicines moreover showed attitude & Misbehaved with me over the WhatsApp. I told her I will file complaint against her wrong attitude towards patients but she has no regrets for the same though “she said do whatever u want to do”
This is so strange, bad & wrong behaviour of drs & their staff with patients encountered in Indira IVF Lajpat Nagar clinic after all the payment is done.thay actually entertain people till the time payment is pending once they will receive all the amount till embryo transfer they start misbehaving with their patients. I am going to raise these concerns to chairmain Indira ivf also so that he also can come across to such incidences that how some people r ruining their clinic’s reputation.


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