IDR INFO TECH / Fraud Consultant Vinothkumar has cheated above Rs. 45 lakhs from above 150 graduates through various consultancy names, and absconded with the money.

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Fraud Consultant Vinothkumar has cheated above Rs. 45 lakhs from above 150 graduates through various consultancy names, and absconded with the money.

Reported By: Mohamed Khudus


My name is Mohamed Khudus (9003224332). Vinothkumar has already cheated Rs. 90,000 from me by sending me a fake offer letter. I have already submitted a consumer complaint against Vinothkumar’s company. Through my consumer complaint, I got many messages, and calls from many people who were cheated by him. I have talked to a lot of victims. Let me share the information with everyone about him.

Who is Vinothkumar?
Vinothkumar is a fraud consultant, and his hometown is Dindigul. He has cheated a lot of job searching graduates in the name of placement. He has been cheating graduates like this since 2015 through various company names. His companies don’t have any Government approval, and registration. All of his companies are fake. He will run a company for some months for cheating. Then, he will cheat by giving fake offer letters or fake assurance for job, and escape with the money.

He is a money minded fraud, and his aim is to steal money from graduates by telling a lot of lies to them, playing a drama and cheating them. He will always cheat the candidates by talking sweetly, and politely.

Also, he has used these fake names “Kishore”, and “Gokul” to cheat candidates. He is the head of the fraud group.

His Dindigul home address:
Vinothkumar S/O Rajan,
8-6-58, Vannar Odai Street,
Tamil Nadu – 624301

Vinothkumar’s father owns a furniture store named “Appu Classic” in Dindigul. His father “Rajan” will also support Vinothkumar’s forgery.

Their store’s address:
Appu Classic,
2/535, Kalaimagal Colony Chinnalapatti Byepass,
Dindigul – 624301
Landmark: Near Charen Vidhyala School

Also, he has cheated above Rs. 45 lakhs from above 150 graduates through various consultancy names, and absconded with the money. There are a lot of police complaints (cheating cases) against him in Ambattur Police Station, Maduravoyal Police Station, Ramapuram Police Station and Chennai Commissioner Office (Vepery).

Ambattur Police Complaint Details:
CSR numbers: 975/2018 & 1107/2018

These are all his fake consultancies.
1. Step to MNC (Ambattur)
2. Partner I Tech (Ambattur)
3. Yoogan I Technologies (Ambattur)
4. in1989 (Ambattur)
5. Scorp Tech (Porur)
6. IDR INFO TECH (Ramapuram)

His Ambattur Office Address #1:
Old No. 98, New No. 72, Second Floor S1, Sai Rajakamalam Flats, Mounaswamy Madam Street, Venkatapuram, Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600053

His Ambattur Office Address #2:
G1, Ground Floor, Metro Flats, Door No. 5, Pallam Street, Secretariat Colony, Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600053

His Porur Office Address:
Plot No. 21, 1st Floor, 2nd Street, Samayapuram Main Road, Swami Vivekananda Nagar, Porur, Chennai – 600116

His Current Office Address:
C5, Second Main Road,
Kurunji Nagar, Ramapuram,
Chennai – 600089.

How does Vinothkumar cheat candidates?
1. Firstly, he will rent an office, and post some fake job openings on job portals or he will call some specific candidates for the interview by getting resumes from job portals. Also, he will hire some telecallers to cheat the candidates in large numbers. Then, he will ask the telecallers to call the candidates for his office by telling lies to the candidates. The telecallers will do their work without knowing Vinothkumar’s forgery.

2. After the candidate comes to his office, he will promise that he will place the candidate in some MNC company in 2 or 3 months, and he will convince the candidate by showing some fake offer letters saying that he has already placed a lot of candidates in some MNC companies. Also, he will show some fake educational certificates to the candidate saying that he is holding their certificates for his pending placement charges. He will make the candidate trust him fully by telling a lot of lies, and he will give 100% placement assurance to the candidate. Then, he will ask the candidate to pay the registration charge or some initial amount to start the placement process.

3. If he is not able to convince the candidate, he will talk to their parents, convince them by telling a lot of lies, and ask them to pay.

4. Then, he will play some interview drama to the candidate using K. Vigneshkumar or his friends. He will ask K. Vigneshkumar or his friends to conduct a fake telephonic interview for the candidate using some MNC company name.
Then, K. Vigneshkumar or his friends will speak to the candidate by lying that they are HRs of some company.

5. After that, Vinothkumar will purchase some domain names similar to the domain names of some MNC companies. Then, he will send fake emails, and fake offer letters to the candidate through the unofficial domain names.

6. Then, he will gradually collect the amount from the candidates for the offer letter, background verification, joining date , and fake experience certificate by telling a lot of lies. The fake experience certificate will not have any registration number since the companies have not been officially registered.

7. If the candidate finds out that the offer letter and emails are fake, and asks him for the refund, he will keep lying to the candidate for some days that he will return the amount. After some days, he will not respond to the candidate, and block the candidate’s mobile numbers.

8. At last, he will vacate the office secretly, and abscond with the money. Then, he will repeat this same fraud business somewhere else.

Vinothkumar’s Recent Forgeries:
1. The official website of “Ebix Softwares India” is “”, but he sent fake emails, and fake offer letters through this fake email address “”.

2. The official website of “NISSAN” is “”, but he sent fake emails, and fake offer letters through this fake email address “”.

3. The official Indian website of “KPMG” is “”, but he sent fake emails, and fake offer letters through this fake email address “”.

4. The official website of “Qatar Insurance Company (QIC)” is “”, but he sent fake emails, and fake offer letters through this fake email address “”.

5. The official website of “Brakes India Private Limited” is “”, but he sent fake emails, and fake offer letters through this fake email address “”.

Vinothkumar’s Cheque Fraud:
Vinothkumar has cheated lots of candidates by giving fraud cheques.

His cheques will always bounce due to insufficient balance or closure of his bank account.

There are pending cases against him for cheque fraud.

How does Vigneshkumar cheat candidates?
Vigneshkumar’s fake names are Raja, Arun, and Rakesh. Through phone calls, he will speak to the candidates by lying that he is an HR of some company, and he will cheat the candidates by conducting fake telephonic interviews. He is the fake HR of Ebix Softwares India, Brakes India, KPMG, NISSAN, and 3i Infotech, etc.

He will always help Vinothkumar to cheat candidates.

R. Sangar
R. Sangar is Vinothkumar’s younger brother. He was also involved in job scam while Vinothkumar was cheating in Ambattur.

He would collect the money from the candidates on behalf of Vinothkumar, and he would cheat the candidates by telling lies.

Vinothkumar’s Fraud Business Partners:
1. K. Vigneshkumar (Fake HR of many companies)
2. R. Sangar (Vinothkumar’s younger brother)
3. Prakash (Fake Employee of 3i Infotech)
4. Abu Imran (Fake HR of 3i Infotech)
5. Karthik Radhakrishnan (Fake HR of Ebix)
6. Sarathkumar (Fake HR of Ebix)

Names of Karthik Radhakrishnan, and Sarathkumar have been used in the fake offer letters of “Ebix Softwares India” that were created by Vinothkumar. Also, Karthik Radhakrishnan, and Sarathkumar are friends of K. Vigneshkumar.

How did Vinothkumar cheat me?
First of all, he asked me to pay Rs. 20,000 for the training and placement, and I paid Rs. 20,000. Vinoth’s brother Sangar knows about this Rs. 20,000 transaction because I paid this amount through him.

After that, Vinothkumar said that he would place me in the company “3i Infotech” if two months salary of Rs. 70,000 was paid in advance.

Also, he promised me that he would refund Rs. 90,000 if he was not able to place me. Since I have known him personally for a long time, I trusted his words, and I paid Rs. 70,000 as I mentioned below as Vinothkumar said.

Rs. 35,000 was deposited to Vinothkumar’s account in February 2018.
Another Rs. 35,000 was deposited to Vigneshkumar’s account in May 2018.

After that, I was emailed that my Joining Date to join 3i Infotech was June 04, 2018, and my salary per month was Rs. 35,000.

Then, I went to 3i Infotech on June 04, 2018 for joining. After I met the HR of the company, the HR said that they didn’t send any call letter for the interview, and offer letter. After that, I showed the offer letter, and the reference person Prakash’s mobile number to the HR. Then, the HR said that Prakash was not working in that company, and he was not an employee of that company.

After that, I called Prakash. He talked to me very rudely, and threatened me while answering my call. I was shocked after I talked to him.

After that, I called Vinothkumar (Fraud #1). He was not answering my messages, and calls. I tried to contact him whole day while I was sitting in 3i Infotech office, and I spent the whole day there waiting for his call.

Then, I went to his office “Yoogan I Technologies”. He shut down his office and ran away. Finally, I came to know that all these people are frauds, and earning money by cheating.

Because of these frauds, I lost my time and my money. After that, I tried to call him around 100 times a day, and I mailed him many times. There was no response from him. He and his partners stole my money and ran away. Till now, he has not given my money back yet.

The Fake offer letter was prepared by Vinothkumar, and sent to me through Abu Imran.

These frauds have ruined my career, my money, and my time. Also, they have caused me a lot of mental stress.

R. Vinothkumar (Fraud #1)
K. Vigneshkumar (Fraud #2)
R. Sangar (Fraud #3)
Prakash (Fraud #4)

Please take action against his fraud companies, and these frauds, and help me to get my amount of Rs. 90, 000 back.

Guys, please don’t trust this type of consultancies and don’t waste your time and money.

Request to the readers of my complaint:
If anyone knows any information about Vinothkumar or if anyone has already been cheated by Vinothkumar, please call me or message me on this number 9003224332. Also, my mobile number is in one of the attachments.

R. Vinothkumar’s (Fraud #1) Numbers:

K. Vigneshkumar’s (Fraud #2) Numbers:

R. Sangar

Abu Imran

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