– Fraud Astrologer Rajesh Kumar Shastri Ji

Famous vashikaran specialist astrologer shastri ji services provider in Delhi,in Mumbai now give you free online love problem,love marriage … Love marriage problem solve by Rajesh kumar Shastri ji.
He took 25000 Rs, not solve my problem , not received my call, I called to different numbers, he received first time, after that not received, he emotionally blackmail me , he told me solve my relationship problems, but not solve anything. his website is
7 his facebook community is

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    1. Dear All,
      Very sorry to say, he called me today, after a long days, his phone was stolen, so some other person use his number, so i think he is a fake ,but he is a real person, so all of them r requested please ignore my previous complaints. Now he told me he will solve my work within a two days.

  1. Dear All,
    Very sorry to say , it was misunderstanding ,he called me today, his mobile was stolen, so another person use his number , he is a honest person, he told me he will solve my problem within two days.

  2. Dear Team,
    I am requesting you ones again, please delete my above complaints, I told you, it was misunderstanding, his phone was stolen, so other person use his number, so please delete this complaint as soon as possible.

  3. Dear Team,
    I am requesting you ,please delete my above complaints as soon as possible, it was misunderstanding, his mobile was stolen, some other person use his ph long times, so please delete this complaints as soon as possible.

  4. He is fraud astrologer,he took 80000 rupees for solve my love my problem .now not receive my call. i call him from many number but he didnt receive my call.i want my money back.

  5. Kiran Rajpoot

    Shastri ji is the Real and Genuine Astrologer my personal great exprience with Shastri jij since 2010 that time i have consult him for marriage problem in my life then he have to me such a bad situation i am very thankfull to Shastri ji who made may married life easy and happy his contact details.

    1. Kailash Kumar

      Shastri ji is the genuine astrologer he solve my big problem i love this kind of peoples who are helps to peoles in their problems

      1. Mohan Chauhan

        He is Genuine astrologer guys Rk bangali ji is very famous person dont write wrong about this person

  6. Geetanjali Jain

    Rk Bangali ji not fake astrologer he is genuine person help to peoples in their problems and give right solution.recently he have to solve my love relationship problem and take genuine fees.In my knowledge he is one of the best astrologer.Thanks Bangali sir

  7. Rajejsh Shukla

    Be honestly speaking That …… is the genuine astrologer helps to peoples in their problem.He is one of the best person as a astrologer in my knowledge because my experience with Bangali sir since a long time he have to solve my many problems for my life, family, wife. Thanks Sir.

    1. Right Shukla Ji, He is Great person acutally When my daughter was 25 years old, we started looking for a suitable groom for her. She is pretty and has a very good job. We were somehow unable to find a good match for her, because there seemed to be some problem (dosha) in her horoscope. We spent more than 5 years going to various temples and performing many prayers, but there was no use. We became desperate because she was getting older and the marriage of her younger sister was also stalled. Then we met Guru Rk Bangali Ji. Within six months of consulting him, we found excellent alliances for both my daughters, and both are now married and settled abroad..Thanks Rajesh kumar Ji

  8. My parents were against my love marriage. They were not ready to accept it and forcing me to get married to the girl of their choice. I was completely frustrated of this situation, so I couldn’t find anything than talking the help of Bangali ji. We used his vashikaran services and resolved every problem. After his effective services, my parents had accepted my love happily and allowed me to marriage my girlfriend..Thanks Guru Rajesh kumar ji

    1. Hey Giri Gupta ji…. Can you tell how long it took for you for get your problem solved? did he gave any time line? by when things get solved?

  9. I will never forget the first time I got to speak with Guru Rk Bangali and found someone who could help me overcome my depression and sadness. Now I know that my life’s worth living. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me his mobile number.

  10. Khushboo Kolabkr

    Meeting Guruji was a miracle in itself. I had an extremely desperate situation where I wanted to get back with the love of my life. Before meeting guru ji, I had tried getting my situation dealt with by two different astrologers who either charged me for work they failed at doing, or just scammed me. My hope was dying and in a desperate attempt I contacted Guruji, and told him about my situation. He gave his best to the situation and even after encountering various black spells, he helped me get back my love. I owe him my life and am extremely grateful to him. He is an angel in human form.If you want to guys contact him then you can consult.

  11. Hello everyone i am akashmishra i want to tells everyone be honestly Guru Rk Bangali ji is not fake person he is very genuine and great person.his solution has guaranteed i know him since 3 months.I consulted him for my love problem solution.He solved my problem according to his commitment and time period that he told me before starting my work.I want to request everyone please don’t write wrong about Bangali ji, Please hire first and then write here your experience like me.Thanks Bangali Ji.His Contact Number is 8968393315

  12. Guru Rk Bangali is a lovely, kind, caring and Genuine Spiritual Healer & Astrologer in Bring the love back. I was having lots of problems with my
    boyfriend of 2 years. he has the ability to make a person feel at convenience, also when a person doesn’t really feel at ease with himself,Thank you so much Bangali Sir.

  13. Guru Rk Bangali ji 100% real and genuine person he is a God.He helps to peoples in their problems and also i got my many problems solution from Bangali ji i met him personally in his ashram JAKHU JI TEMPLE.He is very honest person.He has great skills of astrology.Please guys dont write wrong about this Person.

    1. Thanks Rampal Ji.I consulted Guru Rk Bangali ji only after saw your feedback.I contacted many astrologer ana Babas but did not solve my problem anywhere finally i consulted Guru Rk ji and I got my problem solution.He is really genuine person Guru RK Bangali ji.Thanks Rampal ji for giving a genuine feedback for Bangali Ji

  14. I consulted Guru Rk Bangali ji for my love problem solution before 1 month.That time i was very upset with my love life.I contacted many astrologer in past year but did’nt get my problem solution everyone has make me fool, finally i consulted Guru Rk Bangali ji, really i got my problem solved with in the time period that he told me before starting my work.I am very happy with his work.Thanks Guru Ji you saved my life.

  15. I would like recommend to everyone Rk Bangali ji is one of the most Genuine astrologer.I have great experience with this Guru.I consulted guru ji since 3 months when i was suffering from lots of problem with my love life.It was totally unable to solve for me because of cast problem family were not agree for our marriage because of this family problem she starting to ignore me then i searched on internet for astrologer.Seriously guys i got suddenly proposal again from her family side and that time i got surprised.I am really very thankful and great full that i have a Genuine Guru who can help me for other problem in future.

  16. He is a fake astrologer and money minded, this is true. He doesn’t care about you. He takes your information and uses against you and try to get as much money as possible in the name of puja. Please don’t ever trust these people and lose your money, whatever problem you are in you will come out of that one day. Just don’t trust fake people like these.
    Even if you are smart and see his reviews and the profiles of people who wrote those reviews, you will get to know that those are not genuine profiles.
    Based on the necessity of the person he collects lakhs of rupees.

    1. How you are checking the profile? i don’t think there is any option to check the profile from here…can you let me know also?

  17. Genuine Astrologer… I really appreciate Guru Rk Bengali ji who helped me in my love life problem.I am very satisfied from Guru JI’s work he has good knowledge in his field.Thanks a lot Guru JI.This kind of Guru really by God Blessed.

  18. I took an appointment for a consultation with Rk Bengali Guru Ji in April month. Have heard a lot about him and he has been a personal consultant to my favourite celebrity, so I thought he would be the best person to guide me in the matters relating to Love Problem. My love life wasn’t going well, but after having my chart read by Guruji, I am following what he told me, and honestly, I have been observing success striking my Love life. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction!

  19. Astrology is not easy to understand. It requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. I had visited quite a few astrologers in past. But, it was difficult to understand their viewpoint. When I consult Rk Bengali ji last month, I was amazed to see how he narrates situations. He made my head clear and I was able to grasp whatever he said. I followed his instructions with heart and came out of trouble pretty quickly.Thanks

  20. Priyanka Verma

    Astrologer Rk Bengali Ji has given me the best guidance about what needs to be done for a bright future. He gave me adequate time and listened to all my issues very patiently. He listened to us very carefully and predicted very genuine things. I am very happy after meeting him. I am sure the solutions he gave have benefited me. I would recommend everyone to see him who is looking for life solutions. Bengali Ji is also a very good life coach. I needed some advice related to my college life. He is a very positive person who provides good guidance. Thanks A Lot

  21. I was really fed up by consulting so many astrologers but my friend recommended me Rk Bengali Ji Astrologer advised me to follow some very easy remedies, I followed them and within a couple of weeks I started getting good results and after that, I recommended him to my family friends as well. I do recommend this Astrologer to everyone must visit him one time to have the amazing experience of astrology. Thank you so much.

  22. Really Genuine Astrologer Guru Rk Bengali Ji My husband and I started having problems after a few years and despite trying hard, we ended up fighting. Somehow, our arguments only grew with time. My mother took us to Rk Bengali Ji as a last hope to save my marriage. He heard us very patiently and his advice worked like magic. It has been two month and we are slowly getting along. Taking his advice at every step, we are making it work and I thank him for all the guidance.

  23. Vrinder sethi

    I went to Guru Rk Bengali Ji with a hope to find a solution to my love issue. He was very patient and helped me analyzed everything that I said. His astrology and observations helped me attain stability in my personal life after a long time..Thanks A Lot, Bengali Ji. You are a really great astrologer.I recommend everyone try once in life.

  24. Rakesh Sharma

    It’s my great pleasure to recommend Rajesh Kumar Bengali JII first came to know him through a friend of mine. He has got deep and detailed knowledge of his subject. More than that he is a life coach. He is consistent, reliable and accurate. I am very satisfied to know certain things about myself very clearly helping me to take my future steps, accordingly. I would like others to also consult him to get a clear picture and get rid of false hopes. A perfectionist in his profession!

  25. Ashok Mishra

    Astrologer Rk Bengali Ji explained everything clearly and nicely, plus very reasonable as well. Highly recommended Very knowledgeable and professional astrologer. I looked him up using google search and booked 30 minutes consultation over the phone. He clearly understood my queries and answered them in a way that i could understand..Thanks

  26. Thank you so much, Guru Bengali Ji. I’m very happy with your logical and detailed information about my horoscope. I’m very happy with the way you explained to me and that one-hour conversation is very helpful. People who believe in astrology and the logic or science behind it can approach Sir. Because you will not have any further doubts..they will be cleared.. they will schedule the time as per our convenience and easy to communicate them.

  27. Rajesh K Bengali JI is one of the most trusted, reliable and down to earth personality. I came to her two years back with frustration and never-ending problems in my life, however, his sound knowledge and great expertise helped me to shape up my life..I feel very much relaxed and sense positive after meeting him.

    Thank you so much for your guidance.

  28. Rajesh K Bengali Ji’s advice is very impressive and powerful in astrological aspect and He is the person who is beyond any criticism and He is very polite indeed. I followed his guidance and remedy and got very good result and one thing is very good in his consultation session is that she gives good times to each client and attend all clients with patience and never critics others and all clients keep patience in waiting for long time except few and all return with satisfaction with positive mood after meeting with him and he the person with very good educational background with class and dignity and very trustworthy and safe place to visit ….. Must visit to get a piece of genuine advice and complete astrological guidance.

  29. I have a great experience with Rajesh Kumar Bengali Ji actually My marriage life was too much disturbed and had no peace in mind due to that. But when I met Bengali Ji, the scenario completely changed. They not only saved my marriage life but also gave me a new life. So honest and wonderful advises I ever got and I got a very quick result from their remedy. Thanks Bengali ji.

  30. As per my previous experience and perception with Rajesh K Bengali JI, he is one of the best astrologer in the whole world. He is such a down to earth person with adequate knowledge in his profession. He is certainly not money minded He is very polite and generous, he understands your question and answers them precisely. I would strongly recommend This Guru to be consulted for any life’s problems related queries Thank you.

  31. I had been troubled with my constant downfall after a great day. Guru Rk Bengali made me understand the reasons through his calculations and predictions. One of the most accurate i have ever reached in knowing about myself through astrology. I strongly suggest him to people, who have their beliefs and want to overcome a bad situation.

  32. Thank you for your assistance with the detailed readings for both my Wife and myself. Everything you’ve mentioned has so far been extremely accurate regarding our career progress in the recent months. This has helped make our job searches more effective, so we were able to maximize our efforts during the favourable times, rather than scattering our energies during the unfavourable periods. That, in turn, has improved our quality of life and reduced a lot of confusion. It has also given us added confidence so that we were able to pursue real career opportunities (rather than mere jobs). I am very thankful to Guru Rk Bengali Ji

  33. I had a good session of consultation with him. He has a good understanding of astrology and initially, i was not sure that remedies told will work or not but when i did exactly as he told i can feel positive changes. And things he tells us is not a myth but rather he has clear scientific reason for everything Really Genuine Astrologer in Bangalore

  34. Very genuine and I never seen any negative and dishonesty in his approach and my family is very grateful to him for his blessings and people should visit once to judge his efficiency and I am sure that you will be very pleased and satisfied like us ……never mind what people says for defaming anybody because famous people may not be very admirable to someone …thank you Bengali Ji unconditional support for me and my family. Please continue the good work

  35. Found very helpful and relevant. Extremely happy with the way the conversation with Rk Bengali JI. May you continue the good work and help as many people possible.
    Would like to add that the training courses you are providing are extremely helpful and I must say you are doing extraordinary work there.
    God bless you

  36. As per my previous experience and perception, Bengali Ji is one of the best astrologer in Mumbai. He is such a down to earth person with adequate knowledge in his profession. He is certainly not money minded. He is very polite and generous, he understands your question and answer them precisely. I would strongly recommend Rk Bengali Ji to be consulted for any astrology related queries. Thank you.

  37. It is really a wonderful experience consult RK Bengali Ji who is not only an expert in future predictions but also a very down to earth personality. The way he treats a client is simply great. Conversing with a person like him made us feel as if discussing with a sibling. Though initially, i was a bit sceptical as how the session goes and to my surprise i never wanted to end up with him. He builds concrete confidence, alleviates all our hesitations about astrology with a positive approach and finally makes us leave the divine place with almost peace and contented heart.Thanks Guruji

  38. My parents were against my love marriage. They were not ready to accept it and forcing me to get married to the person of their choice. I was completely frustrated of this situation, so I couldn’t find anything than talking the help of Rajesh K Bengali Ji. We used his astrology services and resolved every problem. After his effective services, my parents had accepted my love happily and allowed me to marriage my boy friend.It was really good experience with Guru ji.Thanks Recommend to everyone.

  39. Nishtha Chaturvedi

    Ihv been struggling in my career from last few years but when I came to know about Bengali ji with Thier guidance n blessings I was able to achieve whatever I m today now I’m working in a banking sector as manager thanku so much Bengali ji for your blessings

  40. Really it was great experience with Bengali Guru Ji..i am very happy with his love solution services.Recently i contacted guru ji for solving love problem i got my problem solution in 13 days..Its so late for me but no problem finally got best solution..Thanks

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