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Reported By: PatBon

Please do internet search for the word Hostlyt Fraud and you understand why you must not pay your money to this fraud company. There are several people complaining about their scam and fraud. Once you pay for the service they will give you blacklisted IP so that they can blame you for causing the blacklisting. In my own case, as soon as they set it up, I had to check on blacklist and discovered that the IP was already on 4 blacklist. Then I tested the mails to my personal emails and everything ended up in SPAM. So I got in touch with them and they said that maybe I have sent to blacklist. So I gave them my credentials to check and they went to check and saw that I had not sent any mail from the system but still they refused to refund my money, they refused to change the IP. Rather they said that they will change the IP for me in the next billing cycle. I had to abandon the service and the $100 I paid, because I will not take the chance of paying for another billing cycle to get scammed again. Please keep off Hostlyt.

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3 thoughts on “Hostlyt / Fraud”

  1. So after I posted this review Hostlyt sent me a threat to terminate my SMTP service if I do not remove the bad reviews within 24 hours. So I am wondering why threaten to terminate a bad service that I never used even for one day. They have my credentials to confirm that I have not used this service, plus I dont intend to use this service because I will basically be falling for their scam. I have taken the liberty to write to the FBI and other complains boards. I have been using Elasticemails for over 3 years and Amazon SES for over 1 year and never had any issue. These two organizations can confirm the status of my service with them, so basically this was just to test a third option and it turned out that it was a bad choice to have gone with Hostlyt.

    Hostlyt can continue their threat or terminate the service, I already have enough information on their scam to share to innocent people out there to help them from falling prey to Hostlyte SCAM.

  2. Amalou Philippe

    The help they gave me when I was first starting to powerMTA SMTP fantastic, I was pleasantly surprised to reach someone late at night who not only was easy to understand, but knew how to fix the problems.


  3. Stay away from these scammers.

    I’m a customer for about 3 weeks and I managed to send the incredible amount for … 200 emails using their services.

    After a few days the web app didn’t send anything, can’t connect to the email server – only error mesages.
    they didn’t answer for days to my tickets and when they did, they merged 2 or 3 messages in one short and vaue answer.

    I keep telling them that I can’t connect, I can’t send, etc and they replied after a few days that they did some test , with other apps and all is fine.

    Further more, the final sending URL has their trail “sendz.mail” which is blacklisted. I tested an email (with only informational text) and I get a score of … 2.7 . They replied to my ticket that all DKIM, SPF are good on their end.

    My advice – look somewhere else, is a fraud

    PS: although I didn’t take any risk with them, avoid also because they have a very similar approach and use the same server, could be the same guys: vs

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