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By: Ashwani

Hi, I purchased hdfc plan Plan details as below : Plan name – HDFC LIFE PROGROWTH PLUS Application No – 1346661079562 Policy No – 18951554 Date – 19/01/2017 Mode of payment – HDFC credit card Amount – 60000 through bank employees Gulnaz (emp code A6266) and ekans From pitam Pura branch Delhi and I made payment through credit card during policy purchasing both committed me Amount(60000) will be converted into EMI without processing fee and with 0 rate of interest but I got credit card statement on Feb amount was not converted into EMI I told to gulnaz and ekans but she told me pay Only Rs 6223 nothing else and I paid only 6223 but when I got next statement on March with finance Charge 530.70 and rest amount again I told to gulnaz she said don’t worry finance charge will be credited and amount also converted into EMI to next statement you pay only 8454.59 no extra amount but when I got next statement on April now finance charge has been increased 2288.29 and amount still not converted into EMI and I talked to his supervisor avinash he is also saying pay whole amount we cannot convert into EMI after three months they are saying we cannot convert. Whole team disappointed me and false Committed. Please kindly register complaints against whole team(gulnaz, ekans and avinash) and rollback Finance charge and convert amount into EMI without processing fee and extra charges. Thanks & Regards, Ashwani Dwivedi Mobile : 9560087215

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  1. Very late work in hdfc bank branch renukoot.
    There is no other counter for different work.
    One employee only handle all service .It’s take much time to deposit money even there is no queue .

  2. based on my policy history with you, your team called me last week and asking to take new policy , I said I have no interest, but again they forced me to see our policy details which can be shared to my mobile, later Mr Joseph @ 7397357376 called me last Friday and asked about my interest, again I have made him clearly I am not interested, again he called me today 12.38 Hrs, my answer was no change, then he was talking to me rudely, and saying I have voice recording, you must give reason why you are denying to take policy. I never seen such kind of threatening sales team so for, I strongly condemn this behaviour, and misusing my data. I will take up further to IRDAI also.


    We had a saving account with HDFC and one other account. Decided to open a FD account, meet this lady Priya Rajput says there are
    other FD account options. Takes to manager, manager lists 5 in paper no name the different FD and investment options
    and one of them is Life insurance. I clearly tell I don’t need any long term 10 years life or retirement plan.
    Manager says some SL Flex Growth assumed this was FD and mutual fund option. I ask for documents for details Priya Rajput says will email or send link.
    Confirmed only amount to be taken from FD for investment account and instructed only take portion of saving amount to FD.
    Priya gets the forms and ask to sign couple of form. I ask what are the forms says it’s investment account.

    We deposit money to open FD. There is no email or document what the investment account type is.
    After few days get text money moved only Rs10000 left in saving account. Moved to FD and turns out the other investment option is Life insurance premium Rs3 lakhs per year.
    Bank moved without informing me, cut out a DD to Life and charged DD fees.
    I call and tell I never asked for Life insurance with premium Rs3 lakhs for 10 years only wanted FD. Now the branch is not helping and giving hard time cancelling it.
    And also they are moving money from FD to other account from insufficient fund under the guise of bank rules.

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