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they are scam

Reported By: Kimrose

GreenPenn is now Al-Azila and they are a scam. We bought three processes from them throughout September, 2021 to December, 2021. A UK Chat Process, NETFLIX Customer Service and LINKEDIN Martech Process. Funny thing is Netflix does NOT outsource any of their services which means this is a fake process. Our centre started with the UK Chat process. At first it looked like all the information is clear and we proceeded with the hiring. Then they started rejecting candidates and asked us to hire more. This went on for a month and they asked us to pay them more to get the candidates hired and so we did as we were tired of the rejection and hiring cycle. Then the training started which was the most unprofessional training I have ever come across in the history of the world. The duration of the training would last for 20 minutes one day, 1 hour another day, 3 hours another day and the training literally seemed like edited information of the UK and customer service from Wikipedia. Prior to the training, we were informed that the training was paid per agent per day and going to be for two weeks. However, when it started, we were informed that the training was in two different modules each module for each week and that the first module which is the first week of the training was UNPAID. Then they started rejecting majority of the candidates at the end of the first week so that we would not get into the “paid” second week. This was towards the end of November and we had started getting suspicious as they were not complying with the agreement of the pay-out as well as they started giving us confusing descriptions of the process that was not the same as the information they provided at the beginning. In between, we had taken the NETFLIX customer service and LINKEDIN Martech processes too and we had started hiring. We started investigating in December and got to know that they have been scamming a lot of small centres for years and that they have been changing their company name every few years as the complaints against them pile up under the latest name. In January, we deecided to cancel the contract and claim refund but they did not respond to any of the e-mails for a month despite multiple follow-ups. Then we decided to take the matter and expose them on social media but we had the decency to warn them about this via e-mail to which their CEO, Neeraj Goel responded to immediately mildly threatening me with Defamation notices if we posted anything against them on social media platforms. But since we have proof of everything and the ability to fight back legally, we didn’t pay much heed to his warning. Hence, he started responding to my e-mails asking me to give him some time for the refund to take place. I had given them dates multiple times but he kept asking me for a further date each time. We are still waiting for the refund and if they don’t return our money soon, we will be suing them not only for the refund applicable according to the contract but they will reimburse every single penny we spent on the candidates and the office due to these 3 fake processes.

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