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Scamming people in the name of Projects

Reported By: Lain Vai

As a startup company, we were badly in need of a client who could outsource us few projects and we planned on beginning our startup company gradually. We came across this company called GreenPenn (now Al-Azila). They seem to be pretty nice at first. They promised us that they have some BPO projects available with them and that we can buy the projects from them. We thought it was a good idea and went with it. After making the payment and everything, we started hiring potential candidates, started renting systems, moved in to a new office and we somehow managed to get everything ready in less than a month. The training session started. It was an online training done through Skype. The training never showed her face. Her camera was always off. And the training session lasted merely about an hour a day. It went like that for a week. I kind of started finding it fishy. And after the training, they conduct a screening wherein they asked stupid questions which are not related to the process or product knowledge. And they rejected all our candidates and they told us that we need to hire better candidates. (PS:- some of our candidates had a working experience for more than 7 years in BPO sector. And most of them 3 years above) At first we had no choice but to hire new and better candidates. We raised the CTC and thus we got better candidates. And guess what? The same thing happened again. And the trick spiral goes on and on. Sometimes they would come up with lame excuses saying that the trainer was busy and bla, bla bla..( I mean, that level of unprofessionalism). We had no choice but ask for refund and we finally told them that we have no interest in working with them and we would want our money back as none of the single project went live. As usual, and undoubtedly, they still gives us lame excuses and we’re still waiting for the refund. It’s been nearly 5 months.

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