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By: Krishnan Biswas

Writing 7000 postcards for 30 days with accuracy is not at all an easy job to do. Though its offline and work from home.
Getting logical ,one has to give 100% accuracy to get 7000Rs as salary for writing 7000postcards.
Steps and Procedure is calculated:
One has to go to any nearby Head-Postoffice to purchase 7000 postcards of Rs.50ps which in total would be 3500Rs.
One has to use ,2 ball pens of blue and red.
The writing should be clean and neat and no single scribbling is accepted ,if its seen then it will be discarded.
So 1 Card requires minimum of 6-7 min (including writing the address), in that regard , in a day one got to write 233 cards. so in a liberal way one has to spend 12-13hrs/day .
If one day goes on excuse then one has literally need to keep a seperate 24hrs to backup the lost-time.
I dont think its really acceptable to anyone to sit for 13hrs and to get only 7000rs(which depends on accuracy) is not at all worth.
They say that they wud pay all the money thats been spent 7000rs for writing+3500rs for card purchasing+courier liable charges.
which again is time consuming and an impossible task , even if one tries hard on ,one gonna get to deal with the “piles”.
POST-CARD writitng job is not advisable

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