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Fraud contest

Reported By: Achintya Kumar Jana

First they called me and said they are conducting a contest for their site advertisement and in that i have been nominated for the 1st prize. The prize will be given to the customer who shops more as their contest nomination criteria is more you shop more you earn. The executive who called me he told i need to purchase only once by paying 5000 and after that whatever the purchase need to be done that company will do on behalf of me. And again after 2 days they called and asked to pay 10000 for gateway verification and again after 2 days they asked me to do single purchase by paying 10000 and again after 2 days they said they are going to book the car for that i need to pay 30000 as a security amount and again after next day they said i need to pay 10000. And again next they they said i need to pay 15000. And next day they said i need to pay 5000, then more 5000.which is mandatory. Everytime they use to say this is last time. i gave above all money total 90000 whenever they asked. I’m such a stupid, i was fool who paid money to them. And they give the timeline like within afternoon 1 or 1.30 i need to pay otherwise my nomination will get cancelled. And if you say i don’t have money the executive will do the drama like she is supporting you and she will say i will request the manager and give you some more time to pay like one more hour or half an hour. And this didn’t stopped here only, they called me again after 2 days and said they giving me my total money to my bank account so its for i have to pay 22000. But this time i became aware of the fraud and refused to give money this time they said ok we are cancelling your nomination and i asked to give my money back they refused and said don’t call to our customer care number now onwards and disconnected. Their website is and Don’t pay any money to anyone who calls and tells you that you have won prize and to get that you have to do shopping or you have to give money. They are just fraudsters who are trying to robber you.

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  1. I was spent total 90000 rupees in this company But at this time they are starting giving my money back. I request the customers to participate in this company.

  2. I was spent total 90000 rupee in this company But that time i did not get any benefits from them. Now they are starting refundable process. Im glad for this.

    1. Whatever happened with you same happened already with me same company same all of things that you mentioned above. I just want to ask to you some suggestions. Please help me if you can. Please try to contact me. I have to talk to you very importantly if you have some time please contact. It’s a request please.

    2. My contacts details mentioned below
      Please contact me it’s a request.
      If I can’t pick up then leave a message to this number please.

  3. Sry mera pehla cmmnt me thora mistake ho gaya, mera kehne ka ye matlab tha ki mujhe rs. 50000 product mil geya hay company ki taraf se jo acchi quality ka hay aur 40000 ki product pending me hy jo jal se jaldh mil jayega mujhe aisa surety company ne diya hy.

  4. Fun2shop4u company ne mera ko 20000 ka gold pendent bol kr mere ko sirf 2000 ka gold pendent diya hai mere sath dhokha kiya hai iss company ne ab ye coll v recive nhi kr rhe hai mera ..

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