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Fake company takes lot of money for recuitment

Reported By: Shrestha

Some girl call me from findurnaukri (phone no 8505935133) saying that she is from findurnaukri a recuitment firm who is helping people for their recuitment. Then they do registration.I literally searching a job that’s why I agree. Then she says our hr will call you.after some time another call from 8447199880 naming himself Kunal Singh.He say he is from findurnaukri help me in further process. Then he ask me to buy some service. After some day Kunal called again with 9319699880 says that they are organizing a hr round.and on one Tuesday a phone around 6 o’ clock in evening and hr round occur. This time another person named him Rohan called me and he connected to a lady who took my interview. My interview was good. But I don’t receive any call further I was upset and I eagerly waiting for call so I call back. then Mr Kunal says he will call me tomorrow. On that day around 3 o’ clock Mr Kunal called and said they are recuit me in Accenture. So we have to buy some other service. He all time says all money are refundable. On that day I feel something wrong so I make an excuse. After that I googled about that company there is no proper description about the company not even any address.also many people raised complain against them. Please take necessary actions against them they took lots of money from me and also play with people’s emotions. I know they frauded me. But no one want to loose their hard earned money. Please take immediate action

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  1. Kishore Muralishankar

    Yes even I got cheated with Rs.55000 from them, I got call from the same personnel but with different number which is there on their website as well, please take some actions. I have some proof (audio clips, payment receipt) so and so, they only call for money purpose.

  2. I too was cheated by the findurnaukri company, initially one lady called me saying they are recuriting agency of and took money for registration, then another man called me for servicing process,he took money for services in a 3 stage process. I realized and started asking questions. I lost total amount of 22000 rs.something should be done to stop their cheating process.

  3. I want to take action against those cheater.please communicate. I raise complain against them on grahak surakha and also on consumer forum but nothing happens.
    I also know you cheaters are always looking after our actions, So,it is my message those are my hard earned money, you people will pay for taking away someone’s hard earned money

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