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    1. Hui..I also cheated by this bullshit fraud company. How can we get our money back. If u can help me..please give me suggestion.

    1. I ordered 1piece gown but I got very dull Saree.. Very cheap product..I will not file only FIR for froud but also I will complain to Consumers forum.. I want my delivery charges return and my money.

    1. its only solution is our unity means jiske sath be fraud hua hai is site se humein social media aur apne grps mein share karein review ,or kisi k sath aisa nah ho or may be is bulshit site ko operate walon per humari unity ka ho so yahi solution dikha

  1. I order gown for my wife but I received a cheap Saree I want my money back fast otherwise I will complain . My order id no is 30128

  2. i ordered gown but i recieve one 3rd class chunni.such a pathetic services and site you guys have.you are just here to making other pepole fake.i want my money back.
    wasted my 900rps on this ghatiya chunni.

  3. U guys r playing from our money i ordered gown and u have placed 3rd class saree i want my money back if not i vl file complaint against ur website

  4. U r cheater… Fraud… I have ordered lehenga… U sent me a cheap Saree…. Is this is service. Return my money …otherwise I ll complain

  5. Return my product
    Report by-Saurav Kumar
    I ordered lehenga but I received 3rd class share
    What is this
    I want my money
    Otherwise complain

    1. I ordered 2 gown n receive bad quality 3shree…i want to return it n my money back.
      Order no.39790
      Tracking id.1348619776782
      Order date.25/12/2018

  6. Desertvila frud company,sabko bevkoof banate hai,order kichu v karo sale vejhte hai ghatiya shree,koi kuch mat order karo,

  7. I ordered a lehnga n was delivered a cheap lowclass saree…i want someone to get me no. To talk n get me my return back

    1. Hi reetu…no is 7762895848…Same thing happened with me…I called them many time but they refused to give money..even asking for account details to refund money….bloody fraud people 😠

      1. Dear plz wil u gve me this fraud company nmber .. plzz i want to talk wid them
        Plz its my requset to u . As same hppen wid me

    2. Hi reetu ..same thing happened with .me…I called them many times but they refused to give money..even asking the account details for refund…bloody fraud people,😠

  8. I ordered a lahenga but I didn’t received any mail or message, so it’s confusing!! So I ordered it again but still the same thing is happened that’s why I want to cancel my order number is 35998.

  9. return my product. My order id is 5051420
    I ordered designer gown for womens-02
    but i receive 1 (3rd class) sharee
    what is this.
    i want my money and return your product

  10. I Want return my product that is Lengha . i order on 5th December. i got delivery on 10th December. Reference ID is :25245. order id is :4960090 . Trackling id is : 1332918900684. I have given message in messenger on 11th December

  11. i order western dress and i have received one third class saree i want my money back otherwise i complained your site this is really fake site

  12. I ordered gown but I got cheap Saree
    I don’t need this product
    I need my money back
    As soon as possible
    Otherwise I will complain

  13. I order multy Designer Combo Saree Pack of 3- combo – 15, but i have received different color and design, please we dont want this pack take back and give my mony.

  14. Hii I have ordered western wear dress and I have received cheap quality Saree.
    Please collect ur item and return my money back

  15. I ordered three saree combo set of rupees 999 but I received one very third class saree what is this? I want my money back otherwise I will go to the consumer court my order 🆔 is 5062647

    1. Maine gown order ki thi.. Bt mujhe cheap blue saree mili hai… Mujhe mere paise return chaiye
      Order no 5172878
      Order date 12 Dec 18

  16. I ordered lehanga for my wife but i received cheapest Saree what is this I want my money back my order number AWB1332918904308.

  17. Sir, maine lahnga order kiya ta but paiket me Saree aye h sir mujhe ye product return karna h mera product 963 rupees ka h or mera no. 9027125033 h
    Sir pls help me

  18. Iam ayesha I buy gown but I got saree worrng product reference id:33840
    Order id:5062880
    Tracking id:1332918906524
    Order date:12/17/2018
    Plzz refund or exchange product as soon as

  19. I order gown but I received a cheap saree so plz returnd the product and refund my money
    Reference id 35534
    Order id 5087644
    Order date 19/12018

  20. I ordered three Saree combo pack of rupees 999/- but I received one very third class Saree. I want my money back otherwise I will go the consumer court..
    My order no:-32804

  21. I ordered a gowm and this fake people sent me a saree which is not worth.I am in search of owner and would sue him for scaming people.

  22. Return my product
    Reported by :shailja
    I have ordered i designer gown instead i received cheap saree i want my money back

  23. I ordered lehenga but I received 3rd class salwar shoot
    I don’t won’t this plz return my money
    Reference id- 38427
    Order I’d – 5134555

  24. You please refund my money it was wrong item..please dont cheat the public 970 rupees mayme rkhte he yr esa frod mt kro aap log please back my money

  25. I ordered two sarees but didn’t get proper order I get third class saree..I need my money back otherwise I will take any strict action.

  26. I ordered 2 gown n receive bad quality 3shree…i want to return it n my money back.
    Order no.39790
    Tracking id.1348619776782
    Order date.25/12/2018

  27. I order beautiful gown but I recive cheep Saree.. so cancel my order and return my money
    Order id 5137511
    Tracking id13329181033407

  28. ordered lehnga bt received cheap duppta like saree ,what the hell they people selling.they are fraud. dont know how to complaint about this site.if anyone have then suggest otherwise these people will continue this cheap business

  29. I orederd gown but i recieve saree very cheap and 3rd class qulity is so cheap ..i just want refund my product so give me my money ..how can complain this site i just report this site anyone help me ..

  30. I ordered for western wear from desertvilla for 640rs but the final product which I received in hand was Saree., which does not even look nice.

  31. mene ap ke yeha se ek oen piece oerder kiya tha aaya kuch ya to qp muje jo order kiya wo chize do ya mera payment return kero werna complain krti hu me

  32. I ordered a saree
    And i received a third class product

    I want to return my product and want my money back

  33. I ordered a lehanga but receive a low quality saaree… So please refund my money… Otherwise I’ll do a Case… Please resolve this issue.

  34. I was ordered lehanga but I received very disgusting green sarees desertvila is totally fake koi inka kuch karte kyu nahi hai ye kab tak public ko lutte rahege

  35. We want to return the product
    Because we ordered something and Got something else
    So can you say us how to return the product

  36. 49535 I orderd one dress gown I cannot reciv your confirmation msg …so I want tht dress plz deliver in 4 days plz..my orders no is 49535…plz send a msg me..

  37. Hello… I orderd lahenga but I received a saree…. I want my money back….. I dont want a cheap saree…. So please u gave my money back other wise i will complain

  38. Maine gown order kiya.or third class saree bhejdi.itni raddi saree free me bhi koi na le. koi return policy nhi h.to return bhi nhi ki ja sakti.to soch kr order kijiye.

  39. I ordered gown but I received low class saree so please returned the product refund my money my order I’d is 5313300

  40. I ordered a pack of 3 designer sarees.i received only one that too of low quality cloth.it is worst.i want to return it back.say me the procedure for return.

  41. I want only one dress my order no is 13329181105671
    Not anthr dress tht dress order no is 13329181101731
    Plzzz only one dress u should delevr.

  42. I ordered one gown
    And I received one 3rd class share .
    I just want my money back other wise I’ll complain
    I want my money back , in any cost

  43. I ordered a dress which is been replaced by a green colour Saree as my order is been replaced by something else I want to return the product.

  44. I have ordered a western wear from desert online shoping aap via facebook …my order no is 48490….date of order was 7jan…..of rs 854….but i got a cheap quality saree insted of gown…..why fooling to customer….i want my money back

  45. Hi…

    I have order one designer seni stitched .(Rs. 815)dress… They have delivered old saree which was full of tore…..

    I tried calling customer no one answered…
    Please provide refund or return good quality of dress which I have order ..

  46. Hi I also ordered a gown but received a 3rd class saree, I want my money back……these people are cheating everyon, kindly take serious action against them don’t know to how many people they have cheated

  47. hello dear
    i order woman gown no 67 but received (Ganda sa) 3 rd class saree please reteurn my money please contact no contact no for you

  48. I purchasing designer gown.but ylur company send disgusting sareee. I want my money.or same product.otherwise .i complaint against you..

  49. Return my product i bought designer gown bt i received beared saree…how can do this…i want my money or send same product.

  50. Pls return lake javo dress oder kiya tha saress beji Aap logo ne paise vapis kijiye aur aapna product aur pls time bata dijiye kab tak leke javoge

  51. I have ordered deginer saree but I have received a saree which was very cheap and worst one. Please take it for return and I want my money to be paid back.

  52. I want to return my clothes jo order kiya uske alava. Kuch or hi aa gaya vo bhi bhot bhot raddi saari hai bhikaari bhi nh pehne usse.

  53. I wanna to return my product….. Coz i ordered lehenga bt i received sarees…. I need the item tat i ordered… Same design… Same quality… N same colour

  54. I ordered for a gown worth ₹855..bt i received a cheap cloth which is neither a saree nor a dupatta..i want to return this and i want my money back..

  55. This company is 100% cheap an they cheat they should be filed a case I ordered and cancled my order and I have still received the product and that too when I was not at home they have delivered. I have received a very disgusting dress material which even beggars dont prefer wearing it I need my money back please try and help me I read all the reviews now I request you to help everyone out who has got cheated here hope you understand our problem and do the needfull.

  56. I had an order a gown but received an very low and cheap quality saree so cheap so i want my money back 855 so pls return my money

  57. I ordered one combo pack of 3 sarees. But I got one cheap saree. U cheated me. I want to return this worst product ever I have seen and need my money back. All the cheaters do necessary action.

  58. I have ordered for three sarees for rupees 999.the whole charge was 1178. I have paid to the delivery boy.when i opened the packet i was shocked that I got only one saree of poor quality.it may worth 200. other sarees are missing.i want my money back .pls return your product otherwise I will file complaint against you…please try to return your order

  59. I ordered gown and I receive 3rd class sadi.I want to return but option not working..I want my money back.otherwise I will complain

  60. Please return my product western dress order kiya tha to order very chip quality ki saree aai so please return product &refund my money

  61. I orderd a partywear gown but i recieved a third class duppttaa ……..i want too return my money …..order no.is 5443438 and second is 5443332 if my money is not give me back i will report this site …….please give my money back

  62. We had ordered the Gown but today we have got a parcel which has There is a 3rd class sari .Return us our money as soon as possible. The site of your online shopping is very poor and fraud, in which something looks and send something, This is not trustworthy .
    MY ORDER ID IS – 5443800.

  63. I ordered a gown but got a cheap Saree what nonsense is this please take this and return my money back fake people

  64. I want order to lehnga but received to faulty sari Don’t won’t it pl retun my money Another i will complaint on consumer court

  65. I ordered a gown but they were delivered me a saree which is worth rupees not more than 100 I want my money back reference id is 55929 order id 5443703

  66. I order a gown bt I receice 3rd class Saree,I want to return my order nd I want my money back…….such a fraud company

  67. Guys we are many people here who has been cheated by this site we can do a police case they not give our money it’s obvious it’s a fake person r u all with me we can complain in consumer Court

  68. I ordered a wedding lahenga but recieved a cheap saree.this saree is just trash.this site is fraud. I want my money back immediately or else i will complain on consumer court or file an FIR.
    my order id-5490478

  69. I got different order i dont need it i want my product or else you take this product and give my money back i will return the product toyou

  70. I ordered gown but I received low class Saree so please I returned this product and give my money .my order ID. No. 5490404

  71. XpressBees desertvila I have order a product designer gown for women-137 Whose invoice value is Rs-854.92,but i haven’t got that actual product, instead of that u parcel me an old saree so plz take back ur wrong parcel and give the actual one.

  72. Maine desert villa se Western wear dress for girls ye dress order kiya tha and mujhe third class sari bheji
    Mujhe ya to wo sahi product bhejo nahi to paise wapis kr do

  73. Teri maa ki aankh sale Mai order kuchh aur kithi tum bheje kuchh aur hi ho.
    Sabke paise fokat k aaye hain kya..
    Merko mere paise vaps chahiye..
    Contact no do salon..

  74. I received a 3rd class saree instead of a lehanga … I want my money back… Otherwise I will go to consumer court

  75. I order desertvila western wear for girls u send me traditional salwar suit.. replace my order otherwise i complain.. give my money back..

  76. U cheated bullshit fraud company u mother fuckers never ever order from ur company and i will complain it.. and post about company all over the india that u r fraud

  77. Yeh bahaut bahaut bade dhokebaaj hai dikhayenge photos badiya r bhejenge sare lehenhga.. i suggest u all pls dnt order from this company.. order from shein app.. this app is very fair little rate is high but u get that thing what u ordered.. 699 ka offer nikalenge 3000 me r denge vahi jo 699 ki aukad ka hoo.. or koi contact no kuch ni hai inkaa.. delivery boy bhi harami hai inkee.. i suggest u all shein shein shein shein shein shein shein shein shein shein shein app download kriyee r isme se kuch na mangvaiyee

  78. Complaint category ; desert villa online shopping cheated.claimamount ; 855/-
    Resp. I buy a dress of rs.855/- when i got the parcel & opened the dress which i buyed totally differnt its only dupata for other dress ..u cheated the customer send the other cloths . U co.making fool the customer …
    I want my money back
    Order id ; 65651

  79. what is this…how u cheat peoples…i order 3piece saree but i relieved a single piece of 100 rs….return my order…return option is also not working

  80. It is wrong parcel pls give my money back, i ordered combo pack of 3 saree,but this is only 1 cheap saree of worth rs 100,I want to return this item,pls return my money back

  81. I’ve ordered for a saree and
    I’ve got the wrong product with the worst quality I’ve ever seen.
    How can i return this product?
    Please do help me out…

  82. i received a wrong product , i ordered a western wear cream colour material, but reveived a blue colour worse material.i want to return it and receive the money back.

  83. Idiots you have broken hearts of many people.fraud,bastard,idiots…nonsense.Are u having a heart or..else..something😡😡😡😡😡nonsense fraud idiots.

  84. I return my order.i order gown but in my parcel I found a piece of Saree.my order no.is 86020,
    AWB No. 1371918305239

  85. I return my order , Saree and Kurtis very dangerous, I’m returned my order no is 35605 order I’d 5894160, tracking I’d 1332919079887 this Saree I’d number, Kurtis order number 86392, AWB No 1371918305072

  86. I ordered a beautiful lehenga but I received Saree which quality is very poor I want my money back id 1348619997050
    Please return my money

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