Budget Shipper – Non Payment of dues for services rendered

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By: Tushar

Post my discussion with Mr. Kevin Alrich Pinto we provided sales services through our call center however post three days of process starting Mr. Pinto started putting the team under a lot of pressure to get numbers but when ever we tried to contact him for support in regards to process know how etc he would not answer our calls and this to me seems a bit odd and as a result after keeping a track of situation for a period of 13-14 days we decided to put the project on hold since I had my doubts about the process payments. There after I have been following up with Kevin Pinto and Mr. Satish (account dept) of Mulya shopping pvt ltd (since the brand budget shipper operates under the banner of Mulya Shopping Pvt Ltd) but without any result.

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  1. mohd arif mohd sadique

    my name is arif ansari from bhiwandi
    meko 1 year hone wala hai payemnt kiye hue abhi tak refund nahi mila jabki bola gaya tha agar apka total refundable hai aur abhi cheat ho raha hai refund ka koi ata pata nahi hai company ne koi agreement bhi nahi kiya aur ab hairaan kar rahe hain 3 maine mein refund dene bole the

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