Reported By: Preeti

Hi everyone

Today i am here on this platform to warn who ever is reading my this review about a smart watch shopping portal who is being time scam. The website is taking order and not delivering them. I have ordered a smartwatch from this site and they have not delivered me anything more over i have no update about my product and despite my numerous attempts of contacting them they are not replying. I am out of ideas what to do now. Please help and who ever is reading my review must stay away from these scam people and their fake websites.


  1. I am also have the same problem. Shame that they are advertising on sites and drawing you in. Will be requesting a refund through the credit card.

  2. Iam also have same problem
    And I want refund so anyone know about refunding process because I can’t find any option for cancelling my order

  3. These guys got me too! I should’ve known it was too good to be true but I’ve gotten deals like that on Instagram before. The folks at Instagram really need to take a look at who they have advertising.

  4. Same deal here, unfortunately. Ordered back in January, recieved no item, no tracking, and no reply to my emails. Now their website isn’t even up anymore!

    I will be requesting a refund and filing a fraud claim through my bank.

    I will also be notifying Instagram about the company, although I doubt that will do any good.

  5. A mí me pasó lo mismo no me dan ninguna respuesta de el reloj promocionado es terrible necesito recuperar ese dinero

  6. Ya guys…such a big scam…I also caught by their scam… please let me know how to recover my money back..

  7. It happen to me to after i place an oder they wrote me and tell me Due to the high volume of orders your order may be delayed up to 14 working days, we are really sorry about that and since we know it’s an inconvenience for you to have your order delayed we are giving you a 10% discount code in your next order. that what they told me i try emailing them to find out about my oder they never reply

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