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Fraudulent activity in my Demat Account no 12039159

Reported By: Shahnurd Devlaliwalla

Dear Sir,

I would like to bring to your notice that fraudulent activities on my Demat Account had been found.

With reference to my recent letter dated 4th May 2015 addressed to you, regarding my account status with Aditya Birla Money, inquiring where I stand and what money was I left with? But till date I have not received any information from your end.

Sir, I have invested Rs. 11,00,000.00 (Rupees Eleven Lakh Only) with Aditya Birla Money with keeping good faith in the company hoping that I could use my investment to reap benefits in my old and retired age. Today, at the age of 72, I’m left with nothing. And to top it all, there is no communication from you nor your team and absolutely no information on my current position and account status and no hope for recovery from your end.

A retired man of age 72, invests his hard earned money in your company and keeps his faith in Aditya Birla Money. But what does he get in return? What is my actual situation and financial position??

I had time and again informed your Account Manager Mr. Bhasker, that I wanted to withdraw my money and close my account with Aditya Birla Money, but instead Mr Bhasker would convince me of return on my investment upto 30%. I have been misled and feel cheated by Aditya Birla Money and its team.

Mr. Murli, you are the Legal head of Aditya Birla Money and I have been trying to call you but you continuously keep dodging my calls and don’t even have the plain courtesy to answer my phone call and sms. It has been several years now and I don’t have any answers from you nor Aditya Birla Money! I don’t even have my Account statement and I don’t even know what is my account status. I feel cheated of my hard earned money. Aditya Birla Money has robbed an retired old man of his livelihood and lifetime savings.

All this reflects poorly on the house of Birlas, Aditya Birla Money, its legal head and its team, who have absolutely no integrity, interest, or inclination to help resolve my case and all this proves your intention of cheating and harassing an honest simple man of his savings and life’s resources and leaving me with no option but to look for other sources to resolve…

My account details as under;

Account Holder Name: Pervez F. Devlaliwalla

Kindly please do look into this matter at the earliest.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

on behalf of Pervez F. Devlaliwalla
Shahnur Devlaliwalla

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