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Illegal suspension of certification

Reported By: dr s kumar

We are an organic food distribution and export company and Aditi certification has been doing our audit and certification for NPOP & NOP required for selling organic food products since 2016 . They had earlier certified us form 2016 – march 2017 . for trading purposes only .
We had to renew the certification in 2017 so the application was given in May 2017 for processing and exports by us , they took a very long time to process the application and finally gave us the certification in Nov 2017 which is valid till Nov 2018 . The guidance was given by them for labeling as per USDA in Nov 2018 only .

In between the certification period of renewal we executed an export order for USA in month sept 2017 when we were going through the certification process. In the month of May this year 2018 USDA dept asked clarification on labels put on the products exported. The USA client had given us the design of the labels and we had to just put on the small packets as required by the client. Instead of understanding the issue they suddenly came one day and suspended our certificate for no fault of ours as they have no powers to suspend when their certificate itself has no validity, they have powers only during the valid certificate.
Due to this, we have suffered several losses and unable to do our business smoothly. We would like them to refund our certification charges including losses of over 10 lakhs as what they have done is illegal, unconstitutional and mischief to collect more money from us . Their officers were demanding more money to get it reinstated. We would urge APEDA to take severe action against these type of companies which lack ethics and professionalism.

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