ePay Kerala – Credit Card Fraud

On 0th October,2014, I received a call on my mobile. The caller, Neha Sharma(Mob. No. 9555536706), told me she was from SBI Card and appraised me that the system of reward points in SBI card is being abolished. It was informed to me that a discount card will be sent to my address which will make the existing card eligible to fetch a discount of 20% on all of my purchases.I was also informed that I will be receiving goods worth Rs. 7881 which included an arrow shirt, polo laptop bag and a pair of sports shoes, 12 EMIs for which would be deducted from the discounts received by me on the new discount card.
I received an OTP message from SBI card and on providing the OTP number to her innocently for availing EMI facility, I immediately received a message of transaction of Rs.7881 at shoppersbuys_EPayKerela which convinced me that I had been cheated and that she had fraudulently represented herself as a representative of SBI Card.
I have informed SBI and mailed the company to cancel the transaction and awaiting their reply.

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62 thoughts on “ePay Kerala – Credit Card Fraud

  • Dipak Zambare

    I also got similar call on 10-Feb-2016. Same Shopzapos epay kerala had done transaction of Rs. 7924 from my card. I also raised a complaint in SBI card for the same. I also received one courier. I got call from Delhi numbers. Please catch these bastards and help me in getting my money back.

  • kishori pawde

    Dear all,

    Even I got the same call and got cheated in the same way. But as soon as i received debit message from eshopzos_kerala i came to know that there is some fishy things going on. After that I made their life hell, each and every minute I was calling them to cancel the transaction and refund my money. As I am a LLB degree holder I told them that I will take the action against them if they do not refund my money. I got the name and address info from one source of number from which I was getting the phone calls. I told them that I ll send all legal notice to these adresses and will come to Delhi to register the case in Police station and will make sure that there office get sealed. I literlly used MC BC words

    And after all efforts I got my money back within 10 days.

    • uday

      i also got cheated in the same way i lost 7900 rs on 1 april 2016 . i complaind to sbi credit card division but there is no use . i received gift voucher nad shoes , t shirt . what to do shall i take any body suggest . how can i get my money back
      any body help me

    • mayur wale

      @kishori pawde plz could you help me with the address you told them so that I can too sue them with the same plz I request u im in bad debts due to this

    • Deepak

      Hello Mr.Pawde,

      Even i received the same call and got conned for Rs.7646.00.
      As soon as i recieved message from Shiipingjet_Epaykerala i was sure that something is wrong. I called up SBI Customer Service and spoke with one of the representative who helped me to block my card. I checked with her if that amount of Rs.7646.00 can be reversed due to fraudulent act. She denied.

      Then very next i again received that scam call from fake SBI to confirm my address in order to deliver pair of Shoes, 1 Shirt and 2 Gift Voucher. I told him dont try to act smart now, i know that its a SCAM. He started saying, no its nothing like that. We are not doing any SCAM. I told him that i dont want to talk and i was about to disconnect the call he acknowleged if i feels that its scam they will refund me back amount of Rs.7646.00. I said, I dont believe this. I know nothing is going to happen. He then asked me stay on line and sent me message about refund. It states that amount will be refunded back in 2 working days. He even asked me to call him back once i receive the amount.

      I dont know whats going on. Though i am waiting to see if i am really going get my money back. 1 more day is left. I hope for the best.

      The reason i am replying on your comment is because i want to teach them a lesson. As my father is an Investigation Officer in Vigilance. So, it would be great if you can help me with their address. Many thanx..



    YOU CAN ATTACK ON THESE NOS–0165430058 / 7056038939 / 8510021613 Mr.Rahul is the boss and abhishek

    Try to trace out the add and attackthem

  • Surendra

    Dear All,
    i was also cheated in same way on 04 may 2016 by deducting Rs. 7924 from my SBI Credit Card. Dear Kishoriji can you help us to get refund our money also. We can also approach SBI to ask how our credit card data has been shared with this Basterd peoples or leaked….pls reply

  • rajesh more

    I have same complaint that, on june 16 call from sbi card , told to me upgrade ur card then ask me pin no they swap the card and then transition my a/c amt 7839/- this cheating with us plz get back return amt

  • Jay singh

    I have been cheated by E pay Kerla shopping RS 7995 has she told me she is SBI Bank executive and told me that We are taking of reward points so we are giving this offer u need to pay Every month 700 and and will get goods worth of 8000 also..can anyone help pls. Jay Singh : 9892738961.


    i have also been cheated by them and this time with a new number.
    The bank is not ready to help saying you have given OTP for transaction and hence we cannot help.
    I am calling them But they are just saying we will courier new packet and then tey don t pick up the phone for 2-3days
    Just wanted to check with you did you get your money back

  • sandeep tiwari

    I also received call on 22 August and Miss Asha Gupta sbi executive they are offering sbi discount card and i have to pay 7868 life time fee and same amount got deducted from my credit card and when i contact sbi customer care they said sbi never call for such scheme.If any one can help plese call on my no 9960630912

  • Nitin N. Ozalwar

    Dear Sir,

    I am Nitin Ozalwar got fraud with the Rs 7553.00 from my SBI credit card by today 29.04.2017 on 12.59 pm,
    Transaction was just before sometime but it will take two day to complete transaction.
    So I request you to please stop & cancel this transaction & reverse the amount.

    Fraud calls no. are 9555290512 & 07827102984 & makes the transaction at karttoshop_EPayKerela.
    I got the no. from SBI Customer Care No. i.e. 061579

    Please stop & cancel this transaction.

  • Suharsh

    On 9th May 2017 1:00PM I got call from +919015666531 calming they are from SBI Credit Card department and will be converting my reward points to cash amount of Rs.6000. They demanded my card number for that, when I refused they claimed that they are from SBI and told some name with Employee ID. And convinced me that card number is accessible to everyone hence it’s not an issue and they are not asking CVV or my PIN. Then they told me that they will be providing IVR option to enter my CVV and OTP which is required for the process to convert my points to cash. For by bad luck I entered those details and by the time I realize that it was a fake call there was transaction of amount Rs.7698.00 was deducted from my account in the name of karttoshop_EPayKerela
    I realized the mistake that I had done and called the number back to check, I got the response saying ”it’s the process of crediting your points as cash and the amount of Rs.6000 will be credited to your account within 48hours. And this particular karttoshop_EPayKerela has contract with SBI for credit card related processing.”
    I immediately called SBI Customer care and requested to block my card and log a complaint.
    To my surprise I called the number(+919015666531) again on 11th May 2017 and they still claim to be from SBI Credit Card and they say amount of Rs.6000 will be credited to my account my EOD. and when I started shouting at them they just disconnected the call . and when I tried to call them again , either they disconnected the call or it was coming and engaged. after so many tries I lost my patience and sent a message saying “if you don’t pick-up the call I will log police complaint”. Then I get call from the same number, and some other guy speaks to me in rude manner ” hello sir I have many miss calls from this number who are you”, when I shouted at him and told I will log police complaint he say do whatever you want I don’t care.
    When I search Google for this karttoshop_EPayKerela I realized that I am not the only one affected by this and there were lot many people who have been trapped in similar way and names mentioned in the link match exactly with what I heard.
    I also realized that what they say is true. they deal with SBI credit card in some way. this is how they get all our details. please check this link for more details.
    And to my surprise they call me on 20th May again with this number +919211150093. again calming they are from SBI Credit Card department and my complaint has been resolved and they will be crediting the amount back to my card. and when I said the card is blocked they asked me if I have any other credit card so that they can credit my amount, when I said no they just disconnected the call. when I enquired with SBI it was again a fraud call and they said that amount can be credited to your card even if its blocked. I called the number + 919211150093 again to check the response and they just disconnect saying “Sorry sir your card is blocked and so amount cannot be credited.” I got confirmed that these are the same guys. either these guys are shameless or they have the confidence that no one will catch them. I have even sent mail to cyber crime department but no response. not sure when these guys will be caught and how can we stop them.
    Either epaykerala company is miss using the data from SBI or may be contract has been over with SBI and they are now using customer data to do all this fraud things.
    For sure our personal data has been compromised. and I am not sure where is the problem and who is responsible for it. and if SBI still has contract with epaykerala then they should be made aware that customer data has been compromised.


    On 7.6.2017 one lady called me (Her Mobile No. is +917428417787) and told that she is from SBI Cards Rewards Points section and i was told that she will encash my reward points and the amount will be credited to my credit card account. She told me the total amount what i have spent and total amount outstanding and that made me to believe her. On this i have her my card number cvv number and OTP also and within a minute i got a message saying that an amount of Rs.8004 was spent from my credit card then i contacted sbi cards and they blocked the card and issued new one. And after two days i called the above said number and i fired that lady then she asked my savings bank account number and they can deposit rs.8004 into my sb account. that also did’nt happened. and today 20.6.2017 i called them and asked about that – they told that within 10-15 days i will receive a parcel through courier. if i did’nt receive again i should call them. SBI SHOULD SERIOUS ACTION ON THEM. FIRST OF ALL I AM A FOOL/

  • Rajeev Ranjan

    Same has been happened with me on 19 jul 17. I have received call from mobile no.9161830625.Cheated with INR 7840.

  • Rajeev Ranjan

    Same has been happened with me on 19 jul 17. I have received call from mobile no.9161830625.Cheated with INR 7840. Pls revert back my money.

  • prakash kumar

    Dear sir/madam, i have sbi credit card, i received a call from this mob no. (7428136120) on 02-sept.-2017. She (Executive) told me that we are calling from mastercard/vissa card verification department and he told all my details including my card number, full name and mailing address linked with that card and asked me to enter otp which has sent to my mobile number for verification, since he mentioned all my details i trusted he is from sbi only but finally its a fraud call, he used an amount of rs 7840 from my card. So please solve my problem and save me from this fraud. If possible please arrange for refund of my money.

    Prakash Kumar


      Sir, I got a call from +919599701572, the person has said her name as Subangi Varma, cheated me of Rs.8190/- on 08.09.17 at 3.15 PM the amount was credited in the the account of “justshopnow_E Pay kerala MUMBAI IN. if possible kindly help me to get my money back.


  • s pal

    same case from me, a lady call me last yesterday at 10:30am.she offer me a discount card able u r sbi credit card, tgen she told me tell u r card no, i told me my card no, then she told me back side cvv no, i told my cvv no but truly it is worng.then she told me Rs 7965/-is credited u r account, is it true, can any one help me.

  • Sheikh sajid

    Mere account se 8202 rupay cat gay hai
    Cal aya to maine utaya aur ek ladies boli ki mai sbi Credit card department se bol rahi hu tumare credit card me point jama ho gaye hai aur tumhe 8000 rupay ad ho jayaga aur usane mere card ki details le li aur boli ki ek otp aayega aur usane paise nikal liye
    Cal number ye hai uska 8800643574

  • Vishnu

    Today i called from 7834822186 number when i pick cal they told this call from sbi. you have 8499 reward points . we have 3 option to credit to you
    1 cash withdrawal
    2. outstanding amount adjust
    3. I was not able to here her voice

    when i give all card details they have debited from my card Rs 8499. when i checked in statement it debited to shopvista_EPayKerela SBIPG IN.

    Then i have enquired SBI support team they told this is fraud call so i blocked my card

    Be care full friends

  • Shrikant tiwari

    Sar 8800643574 se mujhe col aya card activection ke liye mere se card ditel Janne ke bad mujhe massage aya ki 25nov 17 Ko epaykerela Ko 8000 rupe ka mere card xx2458 se payment Kiya hai sar e pay Ko riject kar mere rupe refund karne ki kripa kare Mai bahut garib hu daily majduri karke paisa kamata hu 8000 mere liye bahut bara amaunt hai please sar mera pupe refund kare

  • sunder rajand

    on 6th october 2017 i received a call from Ms. Priya Sharma no.- 8882087910 saying that i have been rewarded certain points and my credit card account will be credited with rs. 6000/- within 48 hours and i have been debited rs. 7840/- towards the transaction which i was not aware offering me a pair of T shirt and shoe .. i have the conversations recorded in my phone. as of now, i have not been credited rs. 6000/- which was assured and on the assumption that for the difference amount of rs. 1840/- i have been offered the purchase. ( rs.7840-rs.6000). i have lodged a complaint with sbi credit card team.

  • sanjiv kumar dutta

    she told me that i have reward point. I innocently told her otp and cvv no and then deducted 7914 rupees from my card. I have been informed that i will receive a trouser & shirt. The amount is deducted in the name of tradeshopepaykerala. i need my amount to be refund immediately. I m in trouble so much….


    1. I would like to inform you that a fraud transaction has been made on SBI Credit Card No 4314597574088132 issued to me during the month of Dec 2017 as intimated through monthly statement of account for the month of Jan 2018.

    2. On verification from SBI Card customer service, New Delhi that illegal transaction of Rs 8201/- was made on purchasing at justnowshop_EPayKerela MUMBA IN by using this card. I have never share OTP to any body. It seems that OTP hacked by unknown expert person and Epayment made to justnowshop_EPayKerela MUMBA IN. Kindly intimate complete details of transaction made by whom person.